50th Anniversary Temporary Parking Changes

A central component of UMBC’s 50th anniversary weekend, Sept. 16-19, is The House of Grit Community Festival, which will be located across from the Performing Arts & Humanities Building. Preparation for this historic event will require us to temporarily close Lot 8 prior to the celebration weekend, while crews work on staging and assembly to support all upcoming festival activities.

Beginning Wednesday evening, Sept. 14, the gated section of Lot 8 will be closed. Campus members with Lot 8 E permits are asked to remove their vehicles by no later than 7 p.m. to allow adequate time and space for festival crews to work. The gated lot will remain closed through Sunday, September 18.

The next phase of festival construction will require us to close the remaining portion of Lot 8 on Thursday evening, Sept. 15, to complete setup and tent assembly. As before, all vehicles in Lot 8 must be removed from the area by 7 p.m. The entire Lot 8 will remain closed through Sunday, September 18.

To alleviate any challenges that may arise during 50th event preparation, we are allowing flexibility in parking on Thursday, Sept. 15 and Friday, Sept. 16. Specifically:

  • On Thursday and Friday, all Lot 8 E permit holders will be permitted to park in both A and D zones.
  • On Friday, D permit holders will be permitted to park in all A zones.

All faculty and staff permit holders will have access to additional parking in UMBC’s Satellite Lots at the South Campus Research Park off of Rolling Road on Thursday, with continuous shuttle service to the main campus until 10 p.m. UMBC Transit will also operate shuttle service to the Southwest Park & Ride, which is also off of Rolling Road. For real-time location of shuttle buses please download our UMBC Transit Tracker mobile app.

If you are interested in getting up-to-date information regarding traffic and parking, please consider signing up for our e2campus traffic alert system by texting “trafumbc” to 79516.