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Look Who’s Coming – 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

as of 9/15/16

First Name Last Name Affiliation Grad Year (s) Major (s)
Sandra Abbott Staff
Guenet Abraham Faculty
Rejie Abraham Alumnus/a ’12, M.P.P., ’14 Political Science, Public Policy
Jasmine Abrams Faculty
Scott Adams Friend
Jake Adcock Alumnus/a ’16 History
Rebecca Adelman Faculty
Anna Adelstein Friend
Jacob Adelstein Friend
Janean Adelstein Friend
Joshua Adelstein Friend
Mike Adelstein Alumnus/a ’96 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kanza Ahmad Friend
Mona Ahmad Staff
Sy Ahmad Friend
Zain Ahmad Friend
Soobin Ahn Alumnus/a ’15 Environmental Science
Olorujuwon Ajayi Student
Awais Akbar Alumnus/a ’02 Economics, Information Systems Management
Don Akchin Friend
Lisa Akchin Staff
Olufikayo Akintola Alumnus/a ’09, ’11 History
Ruth Akintoye Alumnus/a ’13 Environmental Science
Angela Alascia Alumnus/a M.A., ’15 Intercultural Communication
Rachel Albert Student ’18 Financial Economics
Leslie Alexander Alumnus/a ’93 Information Systems Management
Drew Alfgren Alumnus/a, Staff M.A., ’04 History
Jood Ali Student ’19 Mechanical Engineering
Marilyn Allen Student
Mark Allen Faculty
Diane Alonso Faculty
Johanna Alonso Friend
Lisa Alonso Friend
Tom Alonso Friend
Frank Altoz Friend
Marian Altoz Alumnus/a ’84 Ancient Studies
Kashyap Alur Friend
Kashyap Alur Friend
Juan Alvarez-Gonzalez Alumnus/a ’15 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Fatima Ameen Alumnus/a ’03 Visual Arts
Marcia Ames Friend
I’Kei Amuquandoh Student ’19 Information Systems Managment
Dreama Anderson Parent
Jennifer Anderson Friend
Jose Anderson Alumnus/a, Parent, Staff ’81 Political Science
Keely Anderson Friend
Lisa Anderson Alumnus/a ’88 Information Systems Management
Mia Anderson Friend
Michael Anderson Friend
Rosemary Anderson Alumnus/a ’95 Political Science
Steven Anderson Alumnus/a ’87 Visual & Performing Arts
Thomas Anderson Friend
Caroline Andes Alumnus/a ’07 Political Science
Jon Andes Parent
Laurie Andes Parent
Judith Andrade Friend
Chase Andre Friend
Stephen Andre Alumnus/a M.S., ’77 Biological Science
Kala Andrews Staff
David Anguish Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’12, ,’19 Political Science, Modern Languages & Linguistics
Ian Anson Faculty Political Science
Lucy Anson Friend
Katherine Aparentado Alumnus/a ’96 Visual & Performing Arts
Raymond Aparentado Friend
Bryson Appel Friend
Mohammed Arafat Student ’20 Biological Science
Celina Aragon Student
Hope Arbesman Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’14, ’19 Psychology
Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero Alumnus/a. Faculty M.A., ’03, Ph.D., ’09 Intercultural Communication, Language, Literacy, & Culture
Andrea Arias Alumnus/a ’16 Biological Science, Social Work
Samuel Arias Friend
Beth Arman Student ’19 Public Policy
Gene Armor Friend
Vivian Armor Alumnus/a, Staff ’73 American Studies
Mario Armstrong Friend
Mary Jane Arnold Friend
Rowan Arnold Friend
Tim Arnold Friend
Jason Ashbaugh Friend
Laura Ashbaugh Alumnus/a ’02 Economics
William Ashbaugh Friend
Elyse Ashburn Staff
Wendy Ashburn Alumnus/a ’86 Economics
Saqib Ashraf Alumnus/a ’13 Chemical Engineering
Saqib Ashraf Alumnus/a ’13 Chemical Engineering
Parastoo Aslanbeik Staff, Student ’19 Intermedia &Digital Arts
Steve Astle Friend
La Atwater Staff
Ned Atwater Friend
Victor Aulestia Friend
Nunita Austin Alumnus/a ’89 Social work
Evan Avila Student ’20 Economics
Lisa Avolio Alumnus/a ’12, M.A., ’14 Modern Languages & Linguistics, Teach English to Speakers other Language
Manuel Ayala Parent
Jack Ayd Student
Jacalyn Babitz Staff
Kevin Baier Student ’19 Public Policy
Dan Bailey Faculty
Anu Bajpai Parent
Ravi Bajpai Parent
Sagar Bajpai Alumnus/a ’15 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Caroline Baker Staff
Earnestine Baker Friend
Katherine Baker Student ’17 Global Studies
Linda Baker Faculty
Louis Baker Friend
Gabriella Balaa Student ’17 Chemistry
Joseph Balser Friend
Harsh Bambawale Alumnus/a ’11 Financial Economics, History
Vikram Bambawale Alumnus/a ’13 Mathematics, Financial Economics
Gautam Banerjee Parent
Jayati Banerjee Parent
Nilanjan Banerjee Faculty
Poulomi Banerjee Alumnus/a, Staff ’16 Health Administration and Policy Program
Poushali Banerjee Friend
Hue Banh Alumnus/a ’05 Biological Science
Melvin Bannister Alumnus/a ’92 Information Systems Management
Emily Baranoski Alumnus/a ’13 French
Lisa Barber Alumnus/a ’12 Psychology
Winston Barber Alumnus/a ’99 Information Systems Management
Alex Bardakh Alumnus/a ’07, M.P.P, ’10 Political Science
Michelle Bardakh Alumnus/a ’07
Chelsea Barker Walsh Alumnus/a, Staff ’11 Psychology
Kiera Barker Walsh Friend
Natasha Barlow Alumnus/a ’15 Dance, Psychology
Aleisha Barnes Friend
Nelson Barnes II Alumnus/a ’13 History
Dan Barnhart Staff
Leanne Barnhart Alumnus/a ’07 Sociology
Michaela Barnhart Student ’17 Education
Ken Baron Staff
K. Jill Barr Staff
Lauren Barrett Staff
William Barrett Alumnus/a ’73 Biological Science
Eileen Barry Friend
Sytta Barry
Ed Bartholme
Nina Bartholme
Laura Bartock Alumnus/a ’13 Environmental Science
Deborah Barton Friend
Stephen Bartosz Friend
Fontella Bateman Staff
Valerie Bates Alumnus/a ’84 Information Systems Management
Najae Batts Friend
Jess Batychenko Student ’19 English
Paige Bauder Alumnus/a, Staff ’13 Psychology
Alexander Bauer Student ’17 Computer Science, Mathematics
Ella Baumgardner Friend
James Baumgardner Friend
Will Baumgardner Friend
William Beals Alumnus/a ’12 Biological Science, Mathematics
Christopher Bechis Alumnus/a ’09 Political Science
June Bechis Friend
Leslie Bechis Alumnus/a ’08 Financial Economics, Political Science
Gina Beck Alumnus/a, Staff, Parent ’90 Ethnomusicology
Thomas Beck Staff, Parent
Amelia Becker Friend
Christine Becker Friend
John Becker Alumnus/a ’01 Information Systems Management
Ruth Ann Becker Friend
William Becker Friend
John Becker III Friend
Andrea Beckman Former Student ’15
Alexa Bedwell Alumnus/a ’96, M.S., ’99 Computer Science, Information Systems Management
Ted Bedwell Alumnus/a ’97, M.S., ’99 Computer Science
David Behr Alumnus/a ’71 History
Paul Behrens Alumnus/a M.A., ’80, Ph.D., ’83 Biological Science
Constance Beims Friend
Andrea Bell Alumnus/a ’12 Computer Engineering
Diane Bell-McKoy Alumnus/a ’73 Sociology
Samuel Benas Student ’17 Engineering
Beth Bennett Parent
Daniel Bennett Alumnus/a ’09 Computer Science
David Bennett Alumnus/a ’11 Political Science
Kelley Bennett Student ’18 Media & Communication Studies
Tom Bennett Parent
Eric Benson Friend
Isaac Benson Friend
Briana Berger Friend
Craig Berger Staff
Rebecca Berkeley Alumnus/a ’70 History
Ann Berlin Friend
Eduard Berlin Alumnus/a ’70 History
Jessica Berman Faculty
Matthew Bernard Friend
Julian Berry Friend
Valentina Berterman Staff
Graciela Berwanger Friend
Richard Berwanger Alumnus/a ’73 Economics
Patricia Bettridge Friend
William Bettridge Faculty
Matt Bevan Friend
Matthew Bevan Parent
Sherry Bevan Parent
Talon Bevan Student ’18 Chemistry
Cassie Bichy Staff
Beverly Bickel Alumnus/a. Faculty M.A., ’94, Ph.D., ’05 Instructional Development Sytems, Language, Literacy & Culture
Cathy Bielawski Alumnus/a ’77 American Studies
Jordan Bisasky Alumnus/a ’09 Computer Engineering
Anika Bissahoyo Alumnus/a ’98 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Camille Bissahoyo Friend
Trinity Bissahoyo Friend
Samantha Bissally Alumnus/a ’15 Psychology
Animikh Biswas Faculty
Anishka Biswas Friend
Dale Bittinger Alumnus/a, Staff M.P.P., ’16
Katie Bittinger Friend
Kerrie Bittinger Friend
Molly Bittinger Friend
Riley Bittinger Friend
Eric Blackwell Friend
Eric Blackwell Friend
Arthur Blair Friend
Dennis Blair Friend
William Blake Faculty
Lee Blaney Faculty
Robin Blasberg Friend
Robin Blasberg Friend
Debbie Bleakney Alumnus/a ’88 Information Systems Management
Deborah Bleakney Alumnus/a, Parent ’88 Information Systems Management
Matthew Bleakney Student ’18 Mechanical Engineering
Scott Bleakney Parent
Scottfield Bleakney Parent
Gabija Blotzer Alumnus/a ’70 English
David Blount Friend
Lonnie Blue Jr. Friend
Daphne Blumberg Faculty, Emeritus/a
Peter Blumberg Friend
Caleb Bodnar Friend
Caroline Bodnar Staff
John Bodnar Friend
Boris Boiko Alumnus/a. Faculty ’15 Computer Science
Christopher Bomhardt Alumnus/a ’90, M.S., ’97 Computer Science
Ethan Bomhardt Friend
Maya Bomhardt Friend
Zozscha Bomhardt Alumnus/a ’93 Mechanical Engineering
Leah Bonistalli Alumnus/a ’01 Visual & Performing Arts
Lee Boot Faculty
Angelina Booth Friend
Catherine Borg Staff
Andrew Bosco Alumnus/a ’15 Computer Science
Cory Bosco Staff
Sue Bosley Faculty, Emeritus/a
John Boucek Friend
Danielle Bouchard Alumnus/a ’15 Social Work
Stacey Bouchet Alumnus/a Ph.D., ’05 Public Policy
Valerie Bowles Alumnus/a ’94 Economics
Jolicia Bracy Alumnus/a ’14 Health Administration & Policy
Stephen Bradley Faculty
Barbara Bradshaw Alumnus/a ’73 Sociology, Psychology
Ken Bradshaw Friend
Valia Bradshaw Friend
Royce Bradshaw, Jr. Alumnus/a ’70 Political Science
Jack Bramlett Alumnus/a ’70 History
George E. Branch Friend
George J. Branch Friend
Robert J. Branch Friend
Vicki Branch Alumnus/a ’04 Interdisciplinary Studies
Vicki R. Branch Friend
Jason Braspennickx Alumnus/a ’93 Economics
Suzanne Braunschweig Faculty
Kirsten Bray Alumnus/a ’91 Biological Science
John Breivogel Alumnus/a ’75 Economics
John Breivogel, Jr. Alumnus/a ’75 Economics
Matthew Brems
Natalie Brianas Alumnus/a, Staff ’10 Interdisciplinary Studies
Steve Brianas Friend
Esme Bricklemyer Friend
Ryan Bricklemyer Alumnus/a ’04, M.S., ’06 Information Systems Management
Sameeha Bricklemyer Alumnus/a ’09 Visual Arts
Tiffani Bright Alumnus/a ’04 Information Systems Management
Janice Brock Friend
Sean Brockington Alumnus/a, Staff ’14 Environmental Science
Anne Brodsky Faculty
Rhea Brooking-Dixon Alumnus/a ’02 Biological Science, Jewish Studies
Bill Brooks Friend
Caroline Brooks Student ’17 Biological Science
Chantal Brooks Parent
Elizabeth Brooks Staff
Everest Brooks Friend
Gary Brooks Alumnus/a ’79 History
John Brooks Parent
Justin Brooks Alumnus/a ’04 Biological Science
Katie Brooks Friend
Sue Brooks Alumnus/a ’87 Economics
Patricia Brosnan Student ’17 English Literature
Alexis Brown Alumnus/a ’13 Environmental Science
Amanda Brown Alumnus/a ’14 Social Work
Barbara Brown Friend
Brittini Brown Staff
Cathy Brown Friend
Charles Brown Staff
Danielle Brown Staff
Emily Brown Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Frances Brown Friend
Linda Brown Staff
Michael Brown Alumnus/a ’15 Chemical Engineering
Ryan Brown Alumnus/a ’05 Information Systems Management
William Brown Faculty
William T Brown Faculty
Gabriel Brunal Friend
Thomas Bryant Student
Courtney Bucci Friend
Michael Buccino Staff
Evan Buck Friend
Mark Buechler Parent
Melanie Buechler Parent
Erin Buehler Alumnus/a, Staff, Student M.S., ’14 Information Systems Human Centered Computing,
Derrick Bullock Alumnus/a ’96 Political Science
David Bun Friend
Ann Burchard Alumnus/a ’82 Computer Science
Robert Burchard Faculty, Emeritus/a
Frank Burd Faculty
Patrice Burd Friend
Jason Burik Alumnus/a ’00 Psychology
Kathleen Burik Alumnus/a ’99 Psychology
Carol Burke Friend
Colin Burke Friend
Danielle Burnett Alumnus/a ’00, M.S., ’05 Information Systems Management
Ethan Burnett Friend
Gavin Burnett Friend
Jacob Burnett Student
John Burnett Friend
Amanda Burns Alumnus/a ’16 Music, English
Courtney Burton Alumnus/a ’12, M.A., ’13 Health Administration & Policy, M.A. Sociology
Andrew Butts
Charlie Byrd Friend
Sam Byrd Alumnus/a ’11 Psychology
Richard Byrne Alumnus/a, Staff ’86 English
Joseph Cabahug Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Andrew Cabrera Friend
Erwin Cabrera Alumnus/a ’10 Biological Science
Jackie Cabrera Friend
Liberato Cabrera Friend
Teresita Cabrera Friend
Candace Cage Staff
Damiane Cain Alumnus/a ’90 Information Systems Management
Jennifer Callaghan-Koru
Shana Callahan Alumnus/a ’14 History
Patricia Callan Alumnus/a ’72 History
Twanda Cameron Friend
Twanda Cameron Friend
Sandy Campbell Staff
Susanna Campbell Alumnus/a ’15 Biological Science
Cynthia Canner Alumnus/a ’88 Computer Science
Joseph Canner Alumnus/a ’85 Computer Science
Dottie Caplan Staff
Howard Caplan Alumnus/a ’73 Ancient Studies
Julia Caplan Alumnus/a ’07 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Rebecca Caplan-Boucek Alumnus/a ’00, M.A., ’03 English, Instructional Development Systems
Giovanna Carbonaro Friend Multicultural Linguistic with a concentration in Spanish
Robert Caret USM Chancellor
Justin Carlson
Rachel Carmi Friend
Shlomo Carmi Faculty, Emeritus/a
Annabelle Carn Alumnus/a ’80 Political Science
Annabelle Carn Alumnus/a ’80 Political Science
Eliot Carney-Seim Student ’16
Campbell Caron Friend
Lenn Caron Staff
Amalie Carpenter Friend
Bob Carpenter Faculty, Parent
Dayna Carpenter Staff
Meghan Carpenter Alumnus/a ’14 Political Science
Nancy Carpenter Alumnus/a ’80 Afro-American Studies
Simon Carpenter Friend
Tara Carpenter Faculty
Patrick Carrington Alumnus/a, Student ’11 Information Systems Management
Ray Carrion Friend
Kathleen Carroll Faculty
Courtney Carter Alumnus/a ’10, M.A., ’12 Economics
Gregory Carter Alumnus/a ’15 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Melanie Carter Friend
Neal Carter Alumnus/a ’13 Financial Economics
Robert Carter Alumnus/a ’83 Visual and Performing Arts
Ericka Caruso Alumnus/a ’08
Steven Caruso Alumnus/a. Faculty 94, Ph.D., ’02 Biological Science
Vincent Caruso Friend
Deborah Carver Parent
Jonah Carver Friend
Michael Carver Parent
Noah Carver Student
Seth Carver Friend
Valerie Casasanto Staff
Steve Cassard Alumnus/a ’80 Political Science
Ariana Castellano Friend
Gabriel Castellano Friend
Mariajose Castellanos Faculty
Samantha Celmer Alumnus/a ’14 Chemical Engineering
Julia Celtnieks Alumnus/a ’13 Media & Communication Studies
Monique Cephas Alumnus/a ’92 Information Systems Management
Sabrina Chacon Alumnus/a ’11, M.A., ’13 Health Administration & Policy, M.A. Intercultural Communication
Christina Challgren Friend
Martin Challgren Friend
Michael Challgren Friend
Michelle Challgren Alumnus/a ’91 Psychology
Anne Chamberlain Friend
Elliott Chamberlain Friend
Katrina Chan Alumnus/a ’14, M.S., ’15 Information Systems Management
Diane Chandler Alumnus/a ’85 Economics
Ann Chang Friend
Justin Chang Friend
Bambi Chapin Faculty
Daniel Chapman Alumnus/a ’02, ’03 Mathematics, Physics
David Chapman Alumnus/a ’06, M.S., ’08, Ph.D., ’12 Computer Science
Gayle Chapman Alumnus/a, Staff M.P.P., ’11 Public Policy
Ray Chapman Parent
Fritzie Charne-Merriwether Staff
Ravenna Chase Alumnus/a ’92 Computer Science
Deepan Chatterjee Alumnus/a, Staff Ph.D., ’14 Chemical Engineer
Vincent Cheon Student ’20 Statistics
Cassandra Chess Alumnus/a ’84 Psychology
Doha Chibani Alumnus/a, Staff ’08 Psychology
Erica Childs Alumnus/a ’05 Mathematics
Kenneth Childs Alumnus/a ’14 Sociology
Jeffrey Chrismer Alumnus/a ’10 Health Administration & Policy
Matthew Christen Friend
Matthew Christen Friend
Daiva Chrzanowski Alumnus/a ’78 Mathematics
Katie Chrzanowski Alumnus/a ’07 Visual Arts
Tom Chrzanowski Parent
Mabel Chua Alumnus/a ’16 Media and Communications Studies
Jay Chung Alumnus/a ’11 Financial Economics
Richard Cincotta Friend
Dominic Cirincione Alumnus/a ’05, M.P.P., ’07 Political Science, Public Policy
Kendall Claggett Friend
Eboni Clark Alumnus/a ’99 Health Science & Policy
Jacqueline Clark Alumnus/a ’16 History
Cindy Claros Alumnus/a ’05 Visual arts
Kerry Cleaver Alumnus/a, Staff ’90 Social Work
Mike Clegg Friend
Zachary Clifford Student ’20 Chemistry
David Clurman Staff
Monifa Coaxum Friend
Richard Coaxum Alumnus/a ’15 Political Science
Jonathan Cohen Friend
Max Cole Staff
Shannon Cole Student ’19 Biological Science
Belinda Coleman Friend
Juan Collazos Alumnus/a ’12 Economics
Megan Collins Alumnus/a ’11 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Michael Collins Alumnus/a ’14 Political Science
Daniel Comegys Friend
Linda Compton Friend
Richard Compton Alumnus/a. Faculty M.A., ’08 Management of Aging Services
Naysha Conway Alumnus/a ’14 Sociology
Neal Conway Friend
Cathy Cook Faculty
J. Marvin Cook Emeritus/a
James Cook Alumnus/a M.A., ’87 Instructional Development Systems
Jodi Cook Parent
Anisa Cooper Friend
Wayne Cooper Alumnus/a ’96 Sociology
Mary Coppolino Alumnus/a ’83, M.A., ’95 Modern Languages & Linguistics, Instructional Development Systems
Bentley Corbett Student ’18 Music Education
Christopher Corbett Faculty
Carol Cordova Alumnus/a ’16 Sociology
Camilla Cornell Friend
James Cornell Parent
Jennifer Cornell Alumnus/a ’04, M.A., ’06 Spanish, Intercultural Communication
Noelle Cornell Friend
Deborah Cosby Alumnus/a ’71 English
Joan Costello Alumnus/a ’73 Social Work
Guy Cotman Friend
Jessica Cox Alumnus/a ’13 Environmental Studies
Kyle Cox Alumnus/a M.S., ’14 Physics
Chad Cradock Alumnus/a, Staff ’97 Psychology
Christie Cradock Friend
Candice Craig Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Jodi Crandall Faculty, Emeritus/a Education, Language, Literacy & Culture Program
Mary Cravens Student ’17 Economics
Mary Cravens Student ’17
Michelle Cristion Alumnus/a, Student ’10 Acting
Alexander Crone Student ’18 Biochemistry
Ben Crone Friend
Norm Crone Student ’17 Computer Science
Teresa Crone Student ’17 Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Dennis Crosby Alumnus/a ’92 Interdisciplinary Studies
Monita Crump-Sisco Alumnus/a ’86 Computer Science
Monique Cucchi Alumnus/a ’10 Visual Arts, Theatre
Zoe Cui Alumnus/a M.S., ’11 Information Sytems Human Centered Computing
Jeff Cullen Staff
Jacquelyn Cunning Alumnus/a M.S., ’14 Chemistry
William Cunning Student ’16 Chemistry
Flo Long Curley
Chris Curran Faculty
Elizabeth Cusick Alumnus/a M.A., ’15 History
Brian Cuthie Alumnus/a ’84, M.S., ’91 Computer Science
Mike D’Archangelo Staff
Lorine Dabeck Staff
Matthew Dailey Alumnus/a ’10 Computer Science
Stuart Dailey Alumnus/a ’02 Music
Amy Dalrymple Staff
Parker Damm Student ’17 Environmental Science, Theatre Studies
Cheryl Dammons Alumnus/a ’89, M.A., ’91 Modern Language & Linguistics, M.A. Intercultural Communications
Jeremiah Dammons Friend
Jonathan Dammons Alumnus/a ’89 Visual & Performing Arts
Ben Danos Student
Roy Danz Alumnus/a ’77 Political Science
Bernadette Darby Staff
Karen Darley Parent
Stuart Darley Parent
Stuart Darley Parent
Gautom Das Faculty
Erica Dasi Alumnus/a, Student ’15 Biological Science
Erica Dasi Alumnus/a
Kelly Daughtridge Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’14, ’18 History, Psychology
Grace Davenport Alumnus/a ’16 Theatre
Elizabeth Davey Alumnus/a ’02 Philosphy
Jonathan Davies Friend
Andrea Davis Student ’18 Sociology
Andrew Davis Friend
Denise Davis Alumnus/a ’89 Health Science & Policy
Evelyn Davis Friend
Randy Davis Alumnus/a, Student ’03 English
Andrea Dawson Alumnus/a ’07 Political Science
Robert Dawson Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Kelsey Day Student ’19 Psychology
Stephanie Day Alumnus/a ’96 Psychology
Soutry De Alumnus/a ’13 Physics
Anjli De Silva Alumnus/a ’01 Computer Science
Shreyasi Deb Alumnus/a, Staff Ph.D., ’15 Public Policy
Karen Decker Alumnus/a ’75 History
Elma DeLuma-Gonzalez Friend
Elma DeLuna-Gonzalez Friend
Barbara Deluty Friend
Robert Deluty Faculty
Madeline Dement Student ’20 Global Studies
Dan Demmitt Alumnus/a ’13 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Marlayna Demond Alumnus/a, Staff ’11 Visual Arts
Marilyn Demorest Friend
John Denice Friend
Marie Denice Friend
Natalie DeNigris Student ’16 Physics
Jacob Dennis Student Economics
Genevieve DeRose Student ’20 Spanish, Psychology
Anura Desai Alumnus/a ’02, M.A., ’03 Health Administration & Policy, M.A. Sociology
Marie desJardins Faculty
Heather DeVal Student ’20 Computer science
Marie deVerneil Alumnus/a. Faculty M.A., ’99 Instructional Development Systems
Mark Devlin Alumnus/a ’13 Philosophy
Carleen Dewey Alumnus/a, Staff ’10 Media & Communication Studies
Scott Dewy Friend
Joel DeWyer Staff
Anita Dey Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Paulomi Dholakia Staff
Rachel Dickon Friend
Rachel Dickon Friend
Ken Diehl Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Allan Diener Alumnus/a ’71 Biological Science
Vania Dienzo Alumnus/a ’11 Information Systems Management
Hannah Dier Alumnus/a ’11 Political Science, Media & Communication Studies
Mimi Dietrich Alumnus/a ’70 American Studies
Robert Dietrich Alumnus/a ’70 Biological Science
Amit Dighe Friend
Renny DiPentima Alumnus/a Ph.D., 1984 Public Policy
Nate Dissmeyer Alumnus/a ’07 Information Systems Management
Jason Dixon Alumnus/a ’02 Computer Engineering
Duy Do Alumnus/a ’07 Biochemistry & Molevular Biology
Nichole Do Alumnus/a, Staff M.A. ’15 Historical Studies
Catherine Dodson Alumnus/a ’11 Psychology
Candace Dodson-Reed Alumnus/a, Staff ’96 English
Teresa Doggett Alumnus/a ’86 Health Science & Policy
Pete Dolan Alumnus/a ’70 History
Katarzyna Donaldson Alumnus/a, Staff ’86 Computer Science
Thomas Donaldson Friend
Justin Donlan Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Carolyn Dorsey Alumnus/a ’99 Social Work
Keith Dorsey Alumnus/a, Staff ’76 Economics
Nicolas Dorsey Alumnus/a ’06 Biological Science
Taylor Dorsey Alumnus/a ’03 Information Systems Management
Taylor Dorsey Alumnus/a ’03 Information Systems Management
Shyro Dortch Alumnus/a ’15 Economics
Clare Dowley Alumnus/a ’16 Mechanical Engineering
Damian Doyle Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’99, ’18 Computer Science
Edward Doyle Alumnus/a ’71 Psychology
Jennifer Doyle Alumnus/a ’93 Ancient Studies
Leo Doyle Friend
Sharyn Doyle Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Jen Dress Staff
Maria Dubois Staff
Wanda Duckett Alumnus/a ’84 English Literature
John Dudderar Friend
Mary Dudderar Alumnus/a ’70 American Studies
Jean (Robin) Duke (Mayne) Alumnus/a ’69 American Studies
Laura Duncan Alumnus/a ’12 Computer science
Linda Dunn Alumnus/a ’71 History
Rohan Durbal Alumnus/a
Shilpa Durbal Alumnus/a ’10 Biological Science
Linda Dusman Faculty
Korine Duval Alumnus/a ’13 Mechanical Engineering
Sandra Dzija Staff
Delali Dzirasa Alumnus/a ’04 Computer Engineering
Letitia Dzirasa Alumnus/a ’03 Biological Science
Brian Eagle Alumnus/a ’01 Psychology
William Easley Alumnus/a, Student 13, M.S., ’15 Human-Centered Computing
David Eastman Alumnus/a ’13 Mechanical Engineering
Veronica Eastman Alumnus/a ’13 Mechanical Engineering
Ernest Eckels Alumnus/a ’71 Sociology
Claire Eckenrode Staff
J. Kevin Eckert Faculty
Samantha Eckert Friend
Sierra Edmonds Friend
Tonya Edmonds Alumnus/a ’92 Information Systems Management
Brian Edwards Friend
Gail Edwards Alumnus/a
James Edwards Alumnus/a ’70 Mathematics
Kathleen Edwards Friend
Lauren Edwards Faculty
Duane Eggerman Alumnus/a ’16 Social Work
Charles Eggleton Faculty
Josie Eggleton Friend
Cristine Ehly Friend
Ahmed Eissa Alumnus/a ’16 Political Science
Alexander Ekanayake Friend
Theodore Ekanayake Friend
Virantha Ekanayake Friend
Aaron El-Zeftawy Alumnus/a ’05 Mechanical Engineering
Jakob El-Zeftawy Friend
Jessica El-Zeftawy Alumnus/a ’08, M.P.P., ’12 Public Policy
Dylan Elliott Student ’16 History
Richard Elliott Student ’17 American Studies & Political Science
Makeba Ellis Staff
Kimberly Ellison-Taylor Alumnus/a ’93 Information Systems Management
Claire Endres Student ’17
Don Engel Staff
Kathleen Engelbretson Alumnus/a ’10 Media and Communications Studies
Mary Beth Engelbride Alumnus/a ’84 History
David Engelhardt Friend
Narges Ershad Alumnus/a ’15 Gender & Women’s Studies
Vahid Eslami Staff
Nina Evans Student ’20 Biological Science
Kelsey Everett Student ’17 Geography and Environmental Systems
Oluwatoyin Fadiran Alumnus/a ’14 History
Ladan Fakory Alumnus/a ’03 Psychology
Raphael Falco Faculty
Zoya Fansler Alumnus/a ’94 English
Syed Faridi Alumnus/a ’07 Biological Science
Jacqueline Farrell Friend
Melanie Feaster Alumnus/a ’10 Visual Arts
Angela Feerick Parent
Anna Feerick Student Chemistry
Sergey Feldman Alumnus/a
Joyce Feldstein Friend
Stanley Feldstein Faculty
Marcia Ferguson Parent
Jean Fernandez Faculty
Stephanie Ferrone Alumnus/a ’09 Physics
Diana Fertsch Alumnus/a ’82 Biological Science
Bianca Fetherson Friend
Charles Fey Former Staff
Melba Fey Alumnus/a M.S., ’08 Information Systems Management
Marie-Helene Field Parent
Thomas Field Faculty, Parent
Felipe Filomeno Faculty
Keisha Findley Alumnus/a ’04 Biochemistry and Molecular Biolgoy
Timothy Finin Faculty
Michelle Finn Alumnus/a ’93 Social work
Frank Finney Friend
Joanne Finney Alumnus/a ’70 Sociology
Deborah Firestone Alumnus/a ’14 Visual Arts
Michael Fitzgerald Student ’16 Mathematics
Kelsey Fitzpatrick Alumnus/a, Staff ’12 Health Administration & Policy
Peter Fitzpatrick Alumnus/a ’96 Emergency Health Services
Frederick Flanagan Alumnus/a ’16 Biological Science
Roxy Flanagan Friend
Roxy Flanagan Friend
Zsade Fleming Alumnus/a ’15 Animation
Ray Fleshman Alumnus/a ’85 Health Science & Policy
Edline Flomo Friend
Sinneh Flomo Friend
Alyssa Florwick Alumnus/a ’15 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Arnold Foelster Alumnus/a, Staff ’93 Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth Foley Alumnus/a ’73 Political Science
Michael Foley Friend
Scott Forbes Alumnus/a ’93 English
Stephanie Ford Friend
Mary Ann Foreman Alumnus/a ’94 Visual & Performing Arts
Elizabeth Forney Alumnus/a ’14 English
Ethan Foutz
Sarita Foutz Alumnus/a, Staff M.S., 2011 Instructional Development Systems
Bradley Foutz, Jr.
Bradley Foutz, Sr.
Debbi Fowlkes Alumnus/a ’77 Economics
Stacey Fowlkes Friend
John Fox Alumnus/a, Staff ’91 Information Systems Management
Natalie Frager Alumnus/a ’16 Gender and Women’s Studies
Joseph Frascella Faculty
Julianna Frascella
Angela Frazee Alumnus/a ’11 Psychology
Brian Frazee Alumnus/a ’11, M.P.P., ’12 Political Science, Public Policy
Laura Frazier Friend
Marijka Frazier Student ’19 Spanish, Psychology
Nicholas Frazier Friend
Joseph Freed Alumnus/a ’70 English
Betty Freeland Alumnus/a ’72 American Studies
Ronald Freeland Friend
David Freeman Alumnus/a, Staff ’89 Computer Science
Erin Freeman Alumnus/a ’93 Geography
Garrett Freeman Friend
Holly Freeman Friend
Megan Freeman Friend
Nanthanael Freeman Friend
Jay Freyman Faculty, Emeritus/a
Herbert Friedman Alumnus/a ’71 Biological Science
John Fritz Staff, Parent
Kyle Fritz Student ’17 Computer Science
Lily Fritz Friend
Amy Froide Faculty
Sabrina Fu Friend
Melissa Fuller Friend
Beverly Funkhouser Alumnus/a ’89 English
Caitlin Furtado Alumnus/a ’16 Business Technology Administration
Katherine Fusick Alumnus/a, Student ’15, M.A., ’19 History
Mariann Gabrawy Student ’19
Alex Gaines Alumnus/a ’13 History
Corey Gajewski Alumnus/a ’01 Theatre
Dawn Galindo Staff
Joseph Gallagher Alumnus/a ’93 Economics
Kathy Ganley Parent
Patrick Ganley Parent
Alexandria Ganzermiller Staff
Michael Garant Staff
Darian Garcia Student
Joe Gardenghi Friend
Joey Gardenghi Friend
Joey Gardenghi Friend
Joseph Gardenghi Friend
Sarah Gardenghi Staff
Sophia Gardenghi Friend
Sophia Gardenghi Friend
Symmes Gardner Staff
Allen Gaskins
Anthony Gaskins Alumnus/a ’99 Computer Science
Rosalynn Gaskins
Anthony Gaskins, III
Jessica Gause Alumnus/a ’14 Information Systems Management
Scott Gautney Alumnus/a ’11 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Deborah Geare Alumnus/a, Staff ’10 Health Administration & Policy
James Geest Friend
Sandra Geest Alumnus/a ’72 English
Charles Geis Alumnus/a ’74 Psychology
Isabel Geisler Student ’17 Global Studies
Katherine Geisler Alumnus/a ’16 Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Gemski Alumnus/a ’09 English, Psychology
Julie Gensch Friend
Leif Gensch Alumnus/a ’98 History
Jason Gentile Alumnus/a ’15 Financial Economics
Mike German Alumnus/a ’09 Chemical Engineering
Nicole Gerstein Friend
Shane Gerstein Friend
Shane Gerstein Friend
Abraham Gertner Alumnus/a ’70 History
Zahra Ghassemi Staff, Student ’22 Chemical Engineering
Kenneth Gibbs Alumnus/a ’05 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Chris Gibeau Alumnus/a, Staff ’93 Biological Science
Mike Gill Friend
Aj Gillis Friend
Ashanti Gillis Friend
Jean Gillis Alumnus/a ’90 Information Systems Management
Jevon Gillis Friend
Vamsi Krishana Ginjipalli Student
Cheryll Glab Staff
Tifanee Gladney Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Becca Glatt Student ’18 Chemical Engineering
Abigayle Glomp Friend
Elliott Gobbert Friend
Lillian Gobbert Friend
Matthias Gobbert Faculty
Amir Golalipour Friend
Amy Goldberg Friend
Ben Goldberg Student ’18
Marilyn Goldberg Faculty, Emeritus/a
Marsha Goldfarb Faculty
Tom Goldstein Faculty
Karen Golshiri Parent
Sara Golshiri Alumnus/a ’16 Health Administration & Policy
Taima Gomez Friend
Antonio Gonzalez Alumnus/a ’71 History
Marcos Gonzalez
Carolyn Good Staff
Andrew Goodwin Alumnus/a ’14 Biological Sciences
Audra Gotjen Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Andy Gotsch Alumnus/a ’12 Chemical Engineering
Heather Gotsch Alumnus/a ’11 Interdisciplinary Studies
Dale Gough Alumnus/a ’70 American Studies
Muddappa Gowda Faculty
Vin Grabill Faculty
Bradley Grace Student ’17 Psychology
Yancy Graf Friend
Daniel Graham Alumnus/a ’12 History
Franki Graham Alumnus/a ’13 Dance
Abigail Granger Alumnus/a ’13 Gender and Women’s Studies
Amy Grasso Alumnus/a 00, M.A., ’02 Biological Science, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Intercultural Communication
Nicholas Grasso Friend
Drayah Graves Friend
Andrea Gray Alumnus/a Ph.D., 2016 Chemistry
Heidi Gray Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Lisa Gray Staff
Ashley Green Alumnus/a ’07 Financial Economics
please delete comment thread. Greenberg Alumnus/a ’96 Health Science & Policy
David Greenberg Faculty
Brandon Greene Alumnus/a ’11, M.P.S., ’16 Cybersecurity
Clare Greene Alumnus/a M.A., 2012 Teaching Education
Brandon AJ Greene, Jr. Friend
Cindy Greenwood Staff
Casey Grenier Alumnus/a ’04 American Studies
Casey Grenier Friend
Chris Grenier Friend
Kegan Grenier Friend
Lillian Grenier Friend
Christy Gretsinger Alumnus/a M.A., ’13 History
Jason Griego Staff
Ethan Griffin Student ’18 Interdisciplinary Studies
Raquel Grinage Student ’16 History
Dana Gromen Parent
Scott Gromen Parent
Donna Groninger Alumnus/a ’91 Psychology
Donna Groninger Alumnus/a ’91 Psychology
Lowell Groninger Faculty, Emeritus/a
Neal Grossman Alumnus/a ’70 Chemistry
Ruth Grossman Friend
Ken Gruber Alumnus/a ’13 Financial Economics
David Grusell Parent
Katrina Grusell Parent
Peter Grusell Alumnus/a ’08 Financial Economics
Kathleen Guerra Alumnus/a ’96 English
Peter Guerra Alumnus/a ’96 English
Mark Gunnery Friend
Erick Gutierrez Student ’16
John Habibi Alumnus/a, Student ’15, ’19 Biological Science
Bridget Hackley Alumnus/a ’07, M.A., ’10 Modern Languages and Linguistics, ESOL
Justin Hackley Alumnus/a ’02, M.S., ’04 Physics
Mary Hackley Friend
Carol Haddaway Alumnus/a M.A., ’00 Instructional System Design
Monique Hagans Alumnus/a ’03 Financial Economics
Royace Hagler Alumnus/a ’77 Sociology
Beth Hall Friend
Cathy Hall Alumnus/a ’85 Information Systems Managerment
Conee Hall Friend
Lucille Hall Alumnus/a ’81 Political Science
Lynette Hall Alumnus/a ’87 Health Science & Policy
Robert Hall Alumnus/a ’74 Philosophy
Tim Hall Staff
Victoria Hall Alumnus/a ’76 English
Jeffrey Halverson Faculty
Kathleen Halverson Friend
Matthew Halverson Friend
Chris Hamer Student ’16
Diana Hamilton Alumnus/a. Faculty Ph.D., ’93 Chemistry
Richard Hammock Alumnus/a ’71 Economics
Jessica Hammond-Graf Alumnus/a, Staff ’12 Instructional Systems Design
Fei Han Alumnus/a, Staff M.S., ’03 Computer Science
Susan Han Staff
Megan Hanks Staff
Sarah Hansen Alumnus/a, Staff M.S., ’15 Biological Science
Frank Hanson Faculty
Erin Harle Student ’18
Carol Harmon Staff, Emeritus/a
Sandra Harney Alumnus/a ’05 History
Gregory Harper Friend
Larry Harper Friend
Megan Harper Friend
Cheryl Harris Alumnus/a Ph.D., ’15 Public Policy
Steven Harris Alumnus/a, Staff ’06 Information Systems
Daphne Harrison Faculty, Emeritus/a
Alex Hart Staff
Donna Hart Staff
James Hart Friend
Christian Hartman Friend
Patrick Hartman Friend
Callie Harvilicz Friend
Jack Harvilicz Harvilicz Friend
Tammy Harvilicz Parent
Ronald Harvilicz III Alumnus/a ’13, M.A., ’16 English, History, Texts, Technologies, & Literature
Scott has Faculty
Zahid Hasan Student ’16 Health Administration & Policy Program
John Haskell Staff
Mary Haskell Friend
Zahid Hassan Student ’16 Health & Administration Policy Program
Merrill Hathaway Friend
Patty Hathaway Alumnus/a ’97, M.S., ’03 Economics, Information Systems Management
Tabitha Haverkamp Alumnus/a ’14 Information Systems
John Haw Alumnus/a ’74 Biological Science
Raymond Hawkins Jr Alumnus/a ’06 Financial Economics
Michael Hayden Faculty
Scott Hayek Alumnus/a ’76 Physics
Allison Heaberlin Friend
James Heaberlin Friend
Jonathan Heaberlin Alumnus/a ’04 Information Systems Management
Judge Wanda Heard Alumnus/a ’79 Political Science
Herb Heater Friend
Amy Heckhaus Alumnus/a, Staff ’99 Geography
Don Hekler Friend
Donna Hekler Alumnus/a ’70 English
Sarah Helble Alumnus/a ’13 Computer Science
Tessa Helble Student ’17 Mathematics
Donna Helm Alumnus/a ’70 French
Sally Helms Staff
Don Henderson Friend
Donald Henderson Parent
Jane Henderson Alumnus/a, Staf, Parent ’82 Psychology
Kaitlyn Heo Student ’19 Biological Science
James Herbert Friend
Sandra Herbert Faculty, Emeritus/a
Bruce Herman Staff
Mollie Herman Friend
Milvia Hernandez Faculty
Zuriel Herran Student Environmental Science & Geography
Gerardo Herrera-Cortes Student ’19 Visual Arts
David Herron Alumnus/a ’71 Political Science
Lance Hester Friend
Ryan Hickox Friend
Cathy Hiebler Alumnus/a ’98 Interdisciplinary Studies
Henry Hiebler Jr. Friend
Ann Higgins Alumnus/a ’75 History
Liz Hilinski Alumnus/a, Staff M.A., ’14 Instructional Development Systems
Christopher Hill Friend
Cynthia Hill Staff
Enos Hill Friend ’93 Sociology
Lori Hill Alumnus/a ’86 Information Systems Management
Tiffany Hill Alumnus/a ’11 Visual Arts
Caryn Hines
Tess Hines Student ’17 Sociology
Mia Hinson Friend
Savannah Hinson Friend
Sydney Hinson Friend
Katie Hirsch Alumnus/a, Staff ’04 Computer Science
Alexander Ho Alumnus/a ’16 Information Systems Management
Timothy Ho Alumnus/a ’14 Biological Science, Psychology
Keith Hoddinott Friend
Cynthia Hody Faculty
David Hoffman Alumnus/a, Staff Ph.D., ’13 Language, Literacy & Culture
Doug Hoffman Alumnus/a ’81 Economics
Jessica Hoffman Friend
Katheen Hoffman Faculty
Robert Hoffman Friend
Ryan Hoffman Friend
Erin Hogan Faculty
Patrick Hogan Friend
Zachary Holbrook Friend
Juan Holcomb Alumnus/a ’82 American Studies
Lee Holland Alumnus/a ’90 Biological Science
David Hollander Staff
Chris Holmes Alumnus/a ’10 History
Andrew Holter Alumnus/a ’12 History, English
Andrew Holter Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’12, M.A., ’19 History, English
Allan Holtzman Alumnus/a ’70 History
Mary Holtzman Friend
James Hong Alumnus/a ’73 Biological Science
Adam Hopkins Alumnus/a ’03 English
Meredith Hopkins Friend
Wayne Hopkins Friend
Jeffrey Horlick Friend
Faith Horlick Alumnus/a ’84 American Studies
James Horner Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Doretha Houston Alumnus/a, Staff ’77 Spanish
Michelle Howard Alumnus/a ’81 English
Madison Howe Friend
Philip Howe Friend
Freeman Hrabowski Faculty
Jackie Hrabowski Friend
Heather Hrycyshyn Alumnus/a ’13 Environmental Studies
Andy Hsu Alumnus/a ’06, M.F.A., ’10 Visual Arts, Imaging & Digital Arts
Mark Huber Alumnus/a ’91 Chemical Engineering
Melissa Huber Alumnus/a ’92,M.A., ’13 Geography, Instructional Systems Development
Qubilah Huddleston Staff, Student ’19 Public Policy
Chase Hudson Friend
Kendrick Hudson Student ’16 Political Science
London Hudson Friend
Sasha Hudson Staff
Seven Hudson Friend
Mary Huebner Alumnus/a ’73 American Studies
Robert Huffman Alumnus/a ’72 Economics
Kelsey Hughes Alumnus/a ’16 Psychology
Jaedon Huie Student ’18 Economics
Michael Hunt Alumnus/a ’06 Applied Mathematics
Amy Hurst Faculty
Brendan Hurst Alumnus/a ’14
Patrick Husson Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Engineering
Pamela Hutcherson Friend
Mai Huong Huynh-Teage Alumnus/a ’15 Graphic Design
Marian Iannuzzi Alumnus/a ’82, ’84 Psychology, Computer Science
Jamie Imperial Alumnus/a ’16 Business Technology Administration
Eric Ingram Friend
Jalynn Ingram Friend
Nicole Ingram Friend
Eric Ingram Jr. Friend
Leonid iourganov Faculty
Tina Iourganov Friend
Louise Izat Alumnus/a ’70 French
Paul Izat Friend
Jo-Ann Jackewitz Friend
Anita Jackson Alumnus/a ’80 Health Science & Policy
Christopher Jackson Alumnus/a ’09 Computer engineering
Janice Jackson Alumnus/a ’89 Visual & Performing Arts
Lexi Jackson Friend
Marshall Jackson Friend
Rebekah Jackson Alumnus/a ’09 Public Policy
Rozella Jackson Alumnus/a ’89 Information Systems Management
Thomas Jackson Friend
Vaugh Jackson Alumnus/a ’91 English
Preminda Jacob Faculty
Ryan Jacobs Friend
Kristen Jacobsen Friend Political Science
Noah Jacobsen Friend
Robert Jacobsen Alumnus/a, Parent ’79 Economics
Chetana Jadhav Student
Seyeazu Jallah Alumnus/a ’15 Health Administration and Policy
Ajay Jani Student ’17 Biological Science
Nathan Janus Student ’20 Mathematics
Eric Jarvinen Alumnus/a ’74 Philosophy
Mark Jarzynski Alumnus/a ’11 Computer Science
Gary Jasper Friend
Melessia Jasper Staff
Robert Jeffrey Friend
John Jeffries Faculty, Emeritus/a
Renate Jeffries Friend
J Lee Jenkins Alumnus/a. Faculty ’97, M.S., ’99 Biological Science, Emergency Health Services
Amelia Jennings Alumnus/a ’10 Mathematics, Sociology
Elizabeth (Eugene) Jennings Alumnus/a ’07 Cultural Anthropology
Karen Jett Friend
Sarah Jewett Alumnus/a, Staff M.A., ’94 Instructional Development
Sunghye Ji Friend
Yong Jiang Student ’20 Biological Science
Abi Jinadu-Mustapha Alumnus/a ’91 Psychology
Nicholas Johansson Friend
Adanna Johnson Student
Andre Johnson Alumnus/a ’82 Health Administration and Policy
Art Johnson Faculty, Emeritus/a
Celestine Johnson Parent
Celestine Johnson Friend
Ella Rae Johnson
Erin Johnson Staff
Grace Johnson
Jacob Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson Alumnus/a ’87 Sociology
Priscilla Johnson Alumnus/a ’88 Information Systems Management
Rasheeda Johnson Alumnus/a ’09, ’10 Biological Science, Management, Aging Studies
Rasheeda Johnson Alumnus/a ’09, ’10 Biological Science, Management, Aging Studies
William Johnson Parent
William Johnson Friend
Adrienne Jones Alumnus/a ’76 Psychology
Allison Jones Staff
Althea Jones Alumnus/a ’85 Political Science
Beth Jones Staff
Brendan Jones Student ’18 Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
Caitlin Jones Alumnus/a ’13 History
Candice Jones Friend
Dale Jones Friend
Damian Jones Alumnus/a ’83 Biological Science
Dorothy Jones Alumnus/a ’89 Sociology
Gregory Jones Alumnus/a ’80 Economics
Hannah Jones Alumnus/a ’15 History
Hannah Jones Alumnus/a, Student ’15, ’16 History
Suzanne Jones Friend
Tracie Jones Alumnus/a ’98 Information Systems Management
Zachary Jones Student ’19
Molly Jones-Lewis Faculty
Kevin Joseph Alumnus/a, Staff ’87 Computer Science
Kimberly Joseph Alumnus/a ’83 Social Work
Anupam Joshi Faculty
Kartikeya Joshi Student ’17
Karuna Joshi Alumnus/a M.S., ’99, Ph.D., ’12 Computer Science
Yatish Joshi Alumnus/a M.S., ’11, Ph.D., ’15 Computer Engineering
Hailey Jowanowitch Student ’17 Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Omar Ka Faculty
Margaret Kaii-Ziegler Student Public Policy
Michael Kaiser Alumnus/a, Staff Ph.D., ’10 Public Policy
Matthew Kalkbrenner Alumnus/a ’11 Information Systems Management
Hye Won Kang Faculty Mathematics
Yoo-Jin Kang Alumnus/a ’15 Interdisciplinary Studies
Phanindra Kumar Kannaji Student ’17 Computer Science
Amer Kaplan Student
Mark Kaplan Alumnus/a ’70 Chemistry
Nancy Kaplan Friend
Yasmin Karimian Alumnus/a ’11 Political Science
Stephen Karolenko Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Richard Karpel Faculty Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Ed Kasemeyer Friend
Kaitlyn Kauffman Student ’20 Political Science
Brian Kaufman Faculty
Kathryn Kay Student ’17
Christina Keen Alumnus/a ’01 American Studies
Mary Keenan Student, Staff ’22 Physics
Jacob Keener Alumnus/a ’13 Political Science
David Kell Student
Emily Kelley Student ’16 History
Megan Kelley Friend
Ginny Kellman Staff
Ann Kellogg Student, Staff ’16 Public Policy
C. Joseph Kelly Alumnus/a ’79 Economics
Nick Kelly Faculty
Kerrie Kephart Staff
Andrew Kerr Friend
Joseph Keyerleber Friend
Melanie Keys Alumnus/a ’14 Interdisciplinary Studies
Melanie Keys Alumnus/a ’14 Interdisciplinary Studies
Morgan Keys
Babur Khan Alumnus/a ’15 Computer Science
Hannah Khan Alumnus/a ’15 Biological Science
Sadaf Khan Alumnus/a ’09 Political Science
Saeeduddin Khan Parent
Anisha Khandelwal Alumnus/a, Student Ken Psychology, Health Administration & Policy
Samuel Khuvis Alumnus/a ’11, M.S., ’13, Ph.D., ’16 Computer Science, Mathematics
Nathaniel Kim Alumnus/a ’11 Chemistry, Political Science
Denise King Alumnus/a ’89 Information System Management
Emilee King Friend
Nicole King Faculty American Studies
Roland King Staff
Ted King Friend
Tyson King-Meadows Faculty
Rex Kiraly Student ’16 Chemistry
Donna Kirby Alumnus/a, Staff ’03 Visual Arts
Joe Kirby Alumnus/a, Staff ’85 Information Systems Management
Tara Kitchelt Student ’16
James Kitchin Alumnus/a, Staff ’22
Benjamin Klein Alumnus/a ’11 Mathematics
Elizabeth Klein Alumnus/a ’15 Biological Science
Laurence Klein Alumnus/a ’70 Physics
Rosemary Klein Friend
Stephanie Klein Alumnus/a ’07 Political Science
Erin Kleopa Alumnus/a M.A., ’09 Sociology
John Kloetzel Faculty, Emeritus/a
William Klotz Alumnus/a, Student ’14, ’17 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Josh Knepper Alumnus/a ’12 Computer Science
Donald Knight Alumnus/a. Faculty ’97 Psychology
Honour Knight Friend
Melody T. Knox Staff
Christopher Kojzar Alumnus/a, Staff ’19
Harika Konagala Student ’17 Computer science
Sri Harsha Konuru Student ’17 Computer Engineering
Rosslyn Kooser Parent
Sean Kooser Student ’19 Mathematics
Ian Koplowitz Alumnus/a ’15 Computer Science
Nancy Kopp Friend
Joan Korenman Faculty, Emeritus/a
Victor Korenman Friend
Fran Kormann Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Frank Kormann Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Ayla Koru Friend
Gunes Koru Faculty
Sibel Koru Friend
Jared Kosters Friend
Grigoriy Kostrikin Alumnus/a ’06 Financial Economics
Ryan Kotowski Alumnus/a, Staff ’13 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Benjamin Kowarski Alumnus/a ’71 Biological Science
Carol Kowarski Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Daniel Kozlowski Student ’19 Mechanical Engineering
Helene Kramer Alumnus/a ’03 Information Systems Management
Todd Kramer Alumnus/a ’92, ’95 Psychology, Emergency Health Services
Emily Kranking Alumnus/a ’16 Media and Communication Studies
Alison Kreckmann Student ’16 English
Patricia Krenzke Alumnus/a ’84 Economics
Kelly Krueger Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Kathy Kruger Friend
Leslie Kruger Staff
James Kruger IV Friend
James Kruger, III Alumnus/a, Student ’13, M.P.P., ’14, ’22 Political Science, Public Policy
Anna Kuang Alumnus/a ’12 Psychology
Cindy Kubiet Staff
Joseph Kuhn Friend
Mary Kuhn Parent
Roger Kuhn Parent
Susan Kuhn Parent
Albin Kuhn II Parent
Bernard Kulp Alumnus/a ’09 Computer Science
Jessica Kupper Staff
Chloe Kwon Student ’16
Moe Wai Kyaw Win Alumnus/a ’14 History
Jeff La Noue Friend
Patricia La Noue Faculty, Emeritus/a
Chuck LaBerge Alumnus/a. Faculty Ph.D., ’03 Electrical Engineering
Lorene LaBerge Friend
Bill LaCourse Faculty, Parent
Kathleen LaCourse Parent
Maggie LaCourse Student ’17 Environmental Science
Kellie LaFlamme Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Michelle LaFlamme Friend
Kellie LaFlamme Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Cassandra Lagorio Alumnus/a ’09 Political Science
Jay Lagorio Alumnus/a ’08 Computer Science
Renee Lambert-Bretiere Faculty
Douglas Lamdin Alumnus/a. Faculty ’83 Geography
Leonard Lamm Friend
Willie B. Lamouse-Smith Faculty, Emeritus/a
Annette Lamousé-Smith Friend
Elizabeth Lander Alumnus/a, Staff ’10 Mathematics
Chelsea Landman Alumnus/a ’10 Music
Abigail Lane Friend
Anthony Lane Staff, Student ’20
Cecilia Lane Alumnus/a ’10 Geography & Environmental Systems
Christina Lane Alumnus/a ’00 Psychology
Haven Lane Friend
Joshua Lane
Linda Lane Parent
Michael Lane Faculty
Malindi Langateleke Friend
Mavi Langateleke Friend
Don Langenberg Friend
Patricia Langenberg Friend
Apeksha Lanjile Student ’19 Electrical Engineering
George Lanoue Faculty, Emeritus/a
Kristin Lantz
Caroline Larkin Student ’18 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Carl Lashley Friend
Jes Lassiter Staff
Nora Lassiter Friend
Devendra Lattu Student ’19 Computer Science
Barbara Latvanas Alumnus/a ’79 English
Christina Lau Alumnus/a ’06, M.S., ’08 Computer Science, Information Systems Management
Nancy Lau Friend
Yan Lau Friend
Qudus Lawal Alumnus/a ’16 Information Systems Management
Abby Lazinsky Friend
Stephen Lazinsky Alumnus/a ’71 Ancient Studies
Randy Le Alumnus/a ’02 Computer Science
Angellina Lee Alumnus/a ’16 Psychology
Armon Lee Friend
Diane Lee Faculty
Jocelyn Lee Alumnus/a ’12 Ancient Studies
Pearl Lee Friend
Rachel Lee Student ’17 Mechanical Engineering
Rhonda Lee Friend
Laura Lefavor Alumnus/a ’13 English
Sara Leidner Staff
Kim Leisey Staff
Caitlyn Leiter-Mason Alumnus/a ’14 Political Science, Gender and Women’s Studies
Evan Leiter-Mason Student ’17 Political Science
Jake Leizear Alumnus/a ’16 Environmental Science
Laura LeMire Alumnus/a ’10 Civil Engineering
Alex Leonard Friend
Jennifer Leonard Alumnus/a ’01 Mechanical Engineering
Rick Leonard Friend
Anne Lepore Alumnus/a ’87 English
Dale Levitz Alumnus/a ’70 Theatre
Dana Levitz Alumnus/a ’70 Theatre
Robert Levy Alumnus/a ’96 History
Steve Levy Alumnus/a, Staff ’85 Interdisciplinary Studies
Clinton Lewin Staff
EJ Lewin Friend
Eleanor Lewis Friend
Erica Lewis Alumnus/a ’15 Media Communications Studies
Nathan Lewis Friend
Simone Lewis Friend
Tamara Lewis Alumnus/a ’92 Psychology
Yalonda Lewis Alumnus/a ’95 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Clarence Lewis, III Alumnus/a ’93 Information Systems Management
Randianne Leyshon Alumnus/a ’09 Modern Languages and Lingistics
James Liberto Alumnus/a ’92 Political Science
Sarah Lichtner Alumnus/a ’08 English
Joel Liebman Faculty
Alex Lilly Student ’18
Marie Lilly Staff
Sarah Lilly Student ’17 Information Systems
Kina Limbasiya Alumnus/a ’08 Mechanical Engineering
Willington Lin Parent
Daniel Lin Friend
Jeffrey Lin Friend
Margaret Lin Friend
Ruth Lin Friend
Tania Lizarazo Faculty
Lauren Lochocki Alumnus/a ’14 Political Science
Lindsey Loeper Alumnus/a, Staff ’04 American Studies
Malik Logan Student ’18
Bruce Lombardi Friend
Barbara Lomonaco Friend
Samuel Lomonaco Faculty
Stacy Long Staff
Victor Lopez Alumnus/a ’15 Psychology
Sophia Lopresti Student ’18 Global Studies
Andrew Lord Friend
Elaina Lord Friend
Jim Lord Alumnus/a, Staff ’99 Visual & Performing Arts
Kate Lord Friend
Andrea Lorick Alumnus/a, Staff ’13
Eric Lorick Friend
Tahir Lormeus Student ’18 Mechanical Engineering
Jamshid Lotfi Alumnus/a ’89 Visual & Performing Arts
Khalea Lovett Alumnus/a ’12 Visual Arts
Marta Lovett Friend
Paul Lovett Faculty, Emeritus/a
Alice Loving-Clash Friend
Ben Lowenthal Staff
Hua Lu Faculty
Josh Lubben Alumnus/a, Staff ’14 Instructional Development Systems
Rita Lucas Alumnus/a ’13 Business Technology Administration, Writing
Jay Lucker Parent
Joshua Lucker Student ’18
David Ludlow Friend
Janet Ludlow Alumnus/a ’13 English
Douglas Lueben Student ’18 Computer Science
Teresa Lupinek Staff, Parent
Wayne Lutters Faculty
Nicole Lux Student
Elina Lvova-Peden Alumnus/a ’95 Biological Science
Patrick Ly Alumnus/a ’13 Computer Science
Leslie Lyles-Smith Alumnus/a ’91 Health Science & Policy
Susan Lynch Staff
Mitzi Mabe Alumnus/a. Faculty ’74 English
Theresa Mabe Staff
Nicole Macapinlac Student ’17
Emily Macenko Staff
Merry Macer Friend
Christopher Magaha Alumnus/a ’03 Information Systems Management
Karen Magness Alumnus/a ’87 Economics
Christine Mair Faculty
Lamar Mair Friend
Abdul Majid Parent
Abdul Majid Parent
Fizza Majid Staff
Tabassum Majid Alumnus/a ’10 Interdisciplinary Studies
Sarah Malesh Alumnus/a ’14 English
Allison Malihom Friend
Dan Malihom Alumnus/a, Staff ’10, M.A., ’17 Sociology
Christina Malliakos Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
John Malloy Alumnus/a ’15 Bioinformatics, Computational Bio
Michael Malloy Parent
Nancy Malloy Alumnus/a ’70, M.S., ’75 Biological Science
Kiki Malomo-Paris Alumnus/a ’12, M.P.P., ’15 Psychology, M.P.P. Public Policy
Jack Malone Staff
Diane Maloney-Krichmar Alumnus/a Ph.D., ’03 Language, Literacy & Culture
Tom Mandato Staff
Kiranmayi Mangalgiri Student ’19
Allie Mann Student ’16 Psychology
Alex Manno Alumnus/a ’15 Computer Science
Gabriella Marano Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Howard Markman Friend
Lesa Marks Alumnus/a ’09 Political Science
Kathy Marmor Alumnus/a. Faculty ’98 Imaging and Digital Arts
Eva Marsh Alumnus/a ’15 Psychology
Mark Marten Faculty
Michelle-Marie Martir Alumnus/a, Staff ’12 Visual Arts
Mycroft Masadah Friend
Martina Maslanik Alumnus/a ’12, M.A.,’13 Mathematics, Education
Zachary Maslanik Alumnus/a ’13 Music
Gib Mason Alumnus/a ’95 Economics
Mary Mason Friend
Terri Mason Alumnus/a ’87 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Chloe Massey Friend
Don Massey Alumnus/a ’93 Economics
Hannah Massey Friend
Joshua Massey Student ’17
Joshua Massey Alumnus/a ’14 Interdisciplinary Studies
Karyn Massey Parent
Kayla Massey Friend
Micah Massey Friend
Michelle Massey Alumnus/a, Staff M.A., ’10 Intercultural Communication
Moira Massey Friend
Noah Massey Friend
Phillip Massey Friend
Rachael Massey Friend
Erin Mathews Alumnus/a ’08 American Studies
Julia Matney Friend
Michelle Mattern Alumnus/a ’16 English
Gina Matthews Alumnus/a ’90 Chemical Engineering
Loren Matthews Alumnus/a ’89 Computer Science
Karen Mattingly Alumnus/a, Staff ’03, M.A., ’13 English, Instructional Development Systems
Sharon Maul Staff
Paul Mauritz Parent
Stefanie Mavronis Alumnus/a, Staff ’12 Media & Communication Studies, Political Science
Kevin Maxwell Alumnus/a, Parent Ph.D., ’02 Language, Literacy & Culture
Nancy Maxwell Friend
Brigitte May Friend
Edwin Mayah Alumnus/a ’08 Health Administration &policy
Lawrentine Mayah Friend
Matthias Mayah Friend
Sherrie Mayberry Alumnus/a ’05 Psychology
James Mayfield Alumnus/a ’90 Information Systems Management
Jim Mayne Friend
Ciara McCaffrey Alumnus/a ’06 Psychology
Carole McCann Faculty
Seth McCann Friend
Tricia McCann Alumnus/a ’86 Biological Science
Sabrina McConoughey Alumnus/a ’14 Information Systems Management
Frank McCoy Friend
Julia McCrossin Alumnus/a ’04 English
Mary McDade Alumnus/a ’73 Psychology
Tom McDade Friend
James McDermott Staff
Patrice McDermott Staff
Ryan McDonald Student ’20
Susan McDonough Faculty
James McFall Alumnus/a ’10, M.S., ’11 Mechanical Engineering
Karat McFall Friend
Erin McGonigle Alumnus/a, Staff ’08 English
Kat McGonigle Friend
Madelyn McGonigle Friend
Makenzie McGonigle Friend
Patricia McGonigle Parent
Patrick McGovern Staff
Hannah McGowan Student ’19
Maureen McGowan Student ’17
Jennifer McKechnie Friend
Kathryn McKinley Faculty
Peggy McKissick Parent
Tom McKissick Friend
Kristin McLaughlin Student
Pamela McLaughlin Alumnus/a ’88 Psychology
Terry McMurry Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Science
Leslie McNamara Alumnus/a ’14 History
Leslie McNamara Alumnus/a ’14 History
Kaitlyn McNaney Alumnus/a ’12 Financial Economics
Kim McNeice Parent
Nikki McNeil Alumnus/a ’15 Mathematics
Jaki McNeill Alumnus/a ’01 Social Work, Psychology
Reggie McNeill Alumnus/a ’14 Mechanical Engineering
Zachary McNeill Friend
Reginald McNeill II Alumnus/a ’14 Mechanical Engineering
Phil Medenbach Alumnus/a ’87 Geography
Louise Mehta Friend
Xerxes Mehta Friend
Jacquelyn Meisel Alumnus/a ’12 Bioinformatics, Computational Bio
Amelia Meman Alumnus/a ’15 Gender and Women’s Studies
Jason Mendries Student Biochemistry
Amy Mensch Alumnus/a ’07 Mechanical Engineering
Helena Mentis Faculty
Milo Mentis-Berczynski Friend
Caitie Merico Alumnus/a ’16 Media and Communications Studies
Emily Merritt Student ’18
Kaelyn Merriwether Friend
Mason Merriwether Friend
Stacy Merriwether Friend
Connor Merryman Friend
Emily Messner Friend
Robert Metzger Friend
Jacob Meyer Friend
Jodi Meyers Alumnus/a ’12 Biological Science
Ksenia Mezhenny
Josh Michael Alumnus/a. Faculty ’10 Political Science
James Milani Alumnus/a, Staff ’73 Political Science
Ryanne Milani Alumnus/a ’12 English Literature, Modern Languages and Linguistics
John Milberg Friend
John Milberg Friend
Tammy Miles Alumnus/a ’88 Sociology
Andrew Miller Faculty
Daniel Miller Alumnus/a, Student M.S., ’13, ’18 Atmospheric Physics
Doug Miller Alumnus/a
Garrett Miller
Jennifer Miller Alumnus/a ’95 Psychology
Joseph Miller Friend
Kathlyn Miller Staff
Maeve Miller
Marcia Miller Friend
Mark Miller Alumnus/a ’04 Information Systems Management
Molly Miller
Nancy Miller Faculty
Trish Miller Alumnus/a ’91 Visual & Performing Arts
Alexandra Mills Alumnus/a ’13 Gender and Women’s Studies
Donald Milsten Faculty
Bill Miltenberger Alumnus/a ’87 Geography
Arsham Mirshah Alumnus/a ’08 Bioinformatics, Computational Bio
David Mister Alumnus/a ’70 Political Science
David Mitch Faculty
Gust Mitchell Faculty, Emeritus/a
Bennett Moe Alumnus/a ’88 Visual & Performing Arts
Kimberly Moffitt Faculty
Shreya Mohan Alumnus/a ’13 Information Systems Management
Andrew Mohnasky Friend
Corrine Mohnasky Staff
Anne Molloy Parent
Jennifer Mong Alumnus/a ’03 Psychology
Chance Monroe Alumnus/a ’11 Business Technology Administration
Connor Monroe Student
David Monroe Parent
Eileen Monroe Friend
Ian Monroe Friend
Kerry Monroe Parent
Kerry Monroe Friend
David Monroe Sr. Friend
Heather Moore Staff
Jason Moore Friend
Jerrie Moore Friend
Tom Moore Staff
Crystal Moorefield Friend
Lisa Moren Faculty
Jacob Morey Friend
Jeffrey Morey Alumnus/a ’93 Computer Science
Rachel Morey Alumnus/a ’92 Psychology
Thomas Morey Friend
Leslie Morgan Faculty
Emily Moroney Staff, Student ’16 Language, Literacy & Culture
Jay Moroughan Friend
Barbara Morris Alumnus/a, Staff ’04 American Studies
Beatrice Morris Parent
Joel Morris Faculty, Emeritus/a
Tia Morton Friend
Alan Moskowitz Alumnus/a ’94 Statistics
Harriet Moskowitz Friend
Michael Moubarek Alumnus/a ’15 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Teresa Moubarek Friend
Tristan Mountcastle Student ’18 Political Science
Carol Mox Alumnus/a ’79 Psychology
Bill Moxey Alumnus/a ’95 Economics
Julie Moxey Friend
Robert Mozie Friend
Yvette Mozie-Ross Alumnus/a, Staf, Parent ’88 Health Science & Policy
Bettie Mozon Friend
Emmett Mozon Friend
Faiza Mubashar Student ’16
Carl Muhlbauer Alumnus/a ’70 Sociology
Erin Muir Friend
Nicholas Mullen Student ’16
Christina Mullenix Friend
Ron Mullenix Friend
Schuyler Mullenix Student English
Weezie Mullenix Friend
Bob Mumma Alumnus/a ’94 Economics
Jake Mumma
Kristy Mumma Alumnus/a ’99 Information Systems Management
Felipe Munoz Castillo Student ’21 Public Policy
Thania Munoz Diaz Faculty
Samara Murchison
Seth Murchison
Christopher Murphy Faculty
Julie Murphy Faculty
Phenon Murphy Friend
G. Derek Musgrove Alumnus/a. Faculty ’97 History
Tracey Musick Staff
Carol Myers Alumnus/a ’72 Sociology
Kate Myers Alumnus/a ’09 Politicial Science
Oliver Myers Alumnus/a ’94, M.S., ’96, Ph.D., ’07 Mechanical Engineering
Justin Myrowitz Alumnus/a M.P.P., ’10 Public Policy
Ganesh Mysore Alumnus/a ’16 Chemical Engineering, Political Science
Chatura Nagaradona Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Seth Nagle Staff
Anudeep Nallamothu Student ’17 Computer Science
Caroline Neal Alumnus/a ’81 Political Science
Jack Neil Alumnus/a ’77 Political Science, American Studies
Andre Nejman Parent
Anna Nejman Parent
Mark Nejman Alumnus/a ’04 Computer Science
Jeremy Nevitt Alumnus/a ’08 Computer Science
Patrick Newcomer Alumnus/a ’13 Psychology
Angelica Newsome Alumnus/a ’12 Health Administration & Policy
Lynda Ngo Student ’20 Biological Science
Kevin Nguyen Alumnus/a ’16 Bioinformatics, Computational Bio
Truc Nguyen Alumnus/a ’07 Visual Arts
David Ni Alumnus/a ’03 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Adam Nickel Friend
Erin Nickel Alumnus/a ’03 Dance
Lily Nickel Friend
Adam Nickel Jr. Friend
Alyssa Nickells Friend
Frances Nickolas Alumnus/a ’70 American Studies
Pete Nickolas Alumnus/a ’71 Ancient Studies
Jennifer Nimalan Alumnus/a ’15 Biological Science
Katelyn Niu Alumnus/a ’05 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Timothy Nohe Faculty
Amalie Nohe-Moren
Ruskin Nohe-Moren
John Nolan Friend
Patrick Nolan Student ’21
Patti Sue Nolan Parent
Terry Nolan Alumnus/a ’82 Political Science
Patrick Nolan
Donald Norris Faculty
Julie Norton Alumnus/a ’15, M.S., ’16 Applied Molecular Biology
John Novacek Friend
Julliet Novacek Friend
Nagarish Nussarullah Student ’18
Felix Nwogbo Alumnus/a ’13 Biochemistry
Casey O’Brien Alumnus/a ’06 History
Rebecca O’Brien Friend
Kathy O’Dell Faculty
Jenny O’Grady Staff
Bill O’Grince Alumnus/a ’72 Political Science
Nancy O’Grince Friend
Linda O’Hara Friend
Tim O’Hara Alumnus/a ’73, ’90 Theatre, Information Systems Management
Erin O’Sullivan Alumnus/a ’16 Psychology, Social Work
Jonah Odom Friend
Shelton Odom Friend
Stanyell Odom Staff
Shelly-Ann Odwin-Decosta
Chawn Offei Student Psychology
Ugonna Ohiri Alumnus/a ’13 Computer Engineering
Linda Oliva Alumnus/a. Faculty ’12 Teach English to Speakers other Language
Sungeun Oller Student
Tanya Olson Faculty
Donna Omata Alumnus/a M.A., ’05 History
Michael Onyemelukwe Alumnus/a ’13 Economics
Belita Opene Alumnus/a ’13 Biological Science
Nidia Orellana
Gail Orgelfinger Faculty, Emeritus/a
Malinda Orlin Friend
Ed Orser Faculty, Emeritus/a
Michele Osherow Faculty
Ana Oskoz Faculty
Jayn Osler Friend
Sara Osman Alumnus/a 09, M.A. ’11 Modern Language & Linguistics, Teach English to Speakers other Languages
Benjamin Ostrinsky Friend
Robert Ostrinsky Friend
Susan Ostrinsky Alumnus/a ’89 Theatre
Megan Owen Alumnus/a ’07 Psychology
Phil Owen Friend
Heather Owens Alumnus/a ’05 Psychology
Holly Owens Alumnus/a, Staff ’07 American Studies
Kevin Owusu-Sekyere Alumnus/a ’12 Business Technology Administration
Apoorva Pabbathi Student ’17 Computer Science
Mayukha Pakala Student ’18
Craig Palmer Friend
Gavin Palmer Friend
Josh Palmer Alumnus/a ’12 Computer Engineering
Joshua Palmer Alumnus/a ’12 Computer Engineering
Jason Palumbo Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Pravin Pande Friend
Boebin Park Student ’19 Biochemistry
Gueju park Student ’19
John Park Friend
Christine Parkent Parent
Katrina Parker Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts and English
Kimberly Parker Alumnus/a ’99 Information Systems Management
Peter Parker Alumnus/a ’07 Bioinformatics, Computational Bio
Corrie Parks Faculty
Thomas Parks Friend
Mitali Parmar Alumnus/a ’13 Health Adminstration & Policy
Meera Patel Student ’19
Nisha Patel Alumnus/a ’12 Health Adminstration & Policy
Koninika Patil Alumnus/a, Staff ’17 Computer Science
Nikhil Pawar Friend
Valerie Payne Alumnus/a ’83 Health Science & Policy
Charles Chuck Peake Faculty, Emeritus/a
Claudia Pearce Alumnus/a M.S., ’89, Ph.D., ’94 Computer Science
Katharine Peck Alumnus/a ’08 American Studies
Michael Peden Alumnus/a ’73
Brad Peercy Faculty
Cole Peercy Friend
Megan Peercy Friend
Paige Peercy Friend
Rhys Peercy Friend
Erica Peery Student
Don Pelto Alumnus/a ’82 Biological Science
Carl Pelton Alumnus/a ’10 Emergency Management
Swathi Penumutchu Student ’18 Biological Science
Janet Peralta Friend
Chris Peregoy Alumnus/a ’81, M.F.A., ’99 Visual & Performing Arts, Imaging & Digital Arts
Micaela Perez Ferrero Alumnus/a ’13 Political Science
Bruce Perry Alumnus/a, Staff ’97 Psychology
Kristin Perry Friend
Yvonne Perry Friend
Bruce Perry, III Friend
Dawn Petit Parent
Ioan Petrescu Alumnus/a ’13 Sociology
Amelia Petrica Alumnus/a ’87 Visual & Performing Arts Theatre
Adam Petrone Alumnus/a ’07 Visual Arts
Michael Petry Alumnus/a, Staff ’78 Mathematics
Susan Petry Friend
Christine Pettie Friend
Ronald Pettie Alumnus/a ’82 English
Danielle Pettigrew Staff
Tre’Vonne Peyton
Virginia Phalen Alumnus/a ’16 English
Annalise Pham Friend
Karen Pham Friend
Kaylin Pham Friend
Thai Pham Parent
Jules Philippe-Auguste Friend
Denyse Phillip-Blue Alumnus/a ’88 Social Work
Michael Phillips Alumnus/a ’15 Psychology
Kavan Phin Friend
Timothy Phin Alumnus/a. Faculty ’04 Ancient Studies
Tristan Phin Friend
Vanessa Phin Alumnus/a ’11 History
Constance Pierson Alumnus/a, Staff ’90, M.A. ’92 Economics, Sociology
Jeffrey Pierson Alumnus/a ’05 Computer Engineering
Vipin Pillai Student Computer Science
Fred Pincus Faculty, Emeritus/a
Felice Pinkney Alumnus/a ’92 Information Systems Management
Ramona Piskor Alumnus/a ’76 Biological Science
Alecia Pitts Alumnus/a ’15 History
Benjamin Place Friend
Jenny Plummer-Welker Alumnus/a ’90 Political Science
Sara Poggio Faculty
Allison Poland Friend
James (Jim) Poland Alumnus/a ’79 Health Science & Policy
Anita Pollard Alumnus/a ’80 Social Work, Psychology
Gina Popalis Parent
Harry Pope Alumnus/a ’78 Economics
Jessica Porras Friend
Katie Porras Staff
Theo Porras Friend
Marlene Porter-Blair Alumnus/a ’77 American Studies, Elementary Education
Sayre Posey Alumnus/a ’16 History Education
Mary Potorti Alumnus/a ’05 American Studies
Kaitlin Potter Friend
Leanna Powell Alumnus/a, Staff ’08 English
Kelly Powers Parent
Sarah Prego Alumnus/a ’13 Social Work
Asher Prelog Student
Donald Presser Friend
Kelly Prestel Alumnus/a ’10 Media & Communications Studies
Dwayne Price Alumnus/a ’87 Computer Science
Lisa Price Alumnus/a ’87 Information Systems Management
Marcin Ptaszek Faculty
Jacob Puhl Alumnus/a ’10 Economics
Alec Pulianas Alumnus/a ’14 Computer Engineering
Amit Puri Friend
Jeddalyn Puzon Alumnus/a ’11 Information Systems Management
Alex Pyryt Friend
Amanda Pyryt Alumnus/a ’16 Computer Science
Diane Pyryt Parent
George Pyryt Parent
Zhen Qi Staff, Student ’20 Electrical Engineering
Amanda Quinn Alumnus/a ’16 Global Studies, Political Studies
Howard Quinn Alumnus/a ’80 English
Fred Raab Friend
Kathy Raab Staff
Quraish Rababah Friend
Rosa Rada Student ’16 Interdisciplinary Studies
Neha Raikar Faculty
Umar Rajput Alumnus/a ’12 Information Systems Management
Maggy Ralbovsky Friend
Ian Ralby Alumnus/a ’02, M.A., ’02 Modern Languages & Linguistics, M.A. Intercultural Communication
Varun Ram Alumnus/a ’05 Information Systems Management
Arooj Rana Alumnus/a ’06 Psychology
Jill Randles Staff
Govind Rao Faculty
Matthew Rappaport Alumnus/a ’04 Education, Teaching
Rachel Rappaport Alumnus/a ’05 Education, Teaching
Rhonda Ray Alumnus/a ’90 Political Science
Margaret Re Faculty
Erica Reaves Alumnus/a ’04
Bharath Laxmi Shiva Prasad Naidu Reddi Student ’17 Information Systems Management
Catherine Redman Alumnus/a ’13 Visual Arts
Clara Reed
Julia Reed
Maria Reed Parent
Milan Reed Friend
Theodore Reed Alumnus/a ’95 Mechanical Engineering
David Reese
Marlene Reese Alumnus/a ’97 Sociology
Jackies Regales Alumnus/a ’00 American Studies
Nathan Rehr Alumnus/a, Staff ’13 Political Science
Chad Reiber Friend
Heather Reich Friend
Paul Reich Alumnus/a ’91 Geography
Herb Reinhold Alumnus/a ’79 Chemistry
Peggy Reinhold Friend
Hillary Reiss Alumnus/a ’07 Psychology
Jonathan Reiss Alumnus/a ’06 Psychology
Jennifer Reitz Staff
Mark Reynolds Friend
Jacqueline Rhoden-Trader Alumnus/a ’89 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Pamela Rhodes Alumnus/a ’80 Sociology
Lynne Rice Parent
Stephen Rice Alumnus/a ’79 Economics
Bridget Richardson Alumnus/a ’90 Psychology
Emma Riech Friend
David Ring Alumnus/a ’13 Chemical Engineering
Gregory Risavi Friend
Catherine Ritter Alumnus/a ’10 Interdisciplinary Studies
Jim Ritter Friend
Bethann Ritter Snyder Alumnus/a ’01 Political Science
Jasmine Rivas Friend
Sherwin Rivas Friend
Jada Rivera Friend
Christopher Roa Student ’17 Interdisciplinary Studies
Chantell Roberts Alumnus/a ’02 Information Systems Management
Arturo Robinson Friend
David Robinson Friend
Donna Robinson Alumnus/a ’87 Information Systems, Economics
Gregory Robinson Alumnus/a ’73 Psychology
Kimberly Robinson Staff
Phyllis Robinson Faculty
Verna Robinson Alumnus/a ’72 English
Whitney Robinson Friend
Dave Robinson Jr. Friend
Miranda Rodriguez Student Chemistry
Matthew Roe Friend
John Roemer Staff
Gregory Roepke Friend
Dylan Rogers Elliott Student ’16
Alba Rojas Friend
Hilde Roksund Alumnus/a ’05 Intercultural Communication
Anne Roland Staff
Megan Rolenc Staff
Paul Roller Alumnus/a ’94 Computer Science
Lauren Romano Alumnus/a ’11 American Studies
Lisa Romeo Staff
Lois Romeo Friend
Charles Rose Friend
Jill Rose Alumnus/a ’96 American Studies
Lucas Rose Friend
Sadie Rose Friend
Stella Rose Friend
Tracey Rose Alumnus/a ’84 Political Science
David Rosen Friend
Liam Rosen Friend
David Rosenbloom Faculty
Gavin Rosenbush Alumnus/a ’04 Computer Engineering
Howard Rosenoff Alumnus/a ’70 Chemistry
Doris Ross Friend
Jim Ross Friend
Julia Ross Faculty
Madeline Ross Staff
Willie Ross Alumnus/a ’97 Information Systems Management
Rosslyn Rosser Alumnus/a ’92 Political Science
Thomas Roth Friend
Stuart Rothenberg Friend
Neil Rothman Faculty
William Rothstein Faculty, Emeritus/a
Philip Rous Staff
Gail Rouse Alumnus/a ’70 History
Motisola Rowe Alumnus/a ’15 Health Administration & Policy
Evan Royston Friend
Jill Royston Alumnus/a ’94 English
Carlyn Rubin Alumnus/a ’14 Health Administration & Policy
Jeremy Rubin Student
Natalie Rudisill Student ’17 Mechanical Engineering
Monica Rupp Parent
Monica Rupp Parent
Elaine Rusinko Faculty
William Rust Alumnus/a ’71 History
Janet Rutledge Faculty
Alex Rutstein Friend
Gail Rye Student ’18 Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Afsoon Saadin Alumnus/a, Student M.S. ’09, ’17 Applied Molecular Biology
Christina Saba Student ’18
Gregory Saba Alumnus/a, Staf, Parent ’84 Biological Science
Jo Anne Sabas Alumnus/a ’77 English
Joan Sacchetti Friend
Louis Sacchetti Friend
Dave Sachs Friend
Colleen Sack Alumnus/a ’16 English
Jessica Sackey Student ’19 Computer Science
Mozhgan Sadri Friend
Kris Sagun Staff
Lahari Saha Student
Wendy Salkind Faculty, Emeritus/a
Stephanie Saloka Student
Jamie Salts Friend
Nitin Salunke Alumnus/a Ph.D., ’96 Mechanical Engineering
Melanie Samuels Alumnus/a ’15 Visual Arts
Ramya Samyukta Friend
Julie Sanchez Alumnus/a ’10 Media & Communication Studies
Rick Sanchez Friend
Alexa Sanna Friend
Jason Santelli Friend
Karen Santelli Alumnus/a ’06 Visual Arts
Silvia Sapelli Parent
Shivin Saraf Student Information Systems Management
Rachel Saslove Friend
Maria Satyshur Alumnus/a ’11 Media & Communications Studies
Carrie Sauter Alumnus/a, Staff ’96 Psychology
Chris Savage Friend
Stephanie Savage Student ’17 Business Technology Administration
Susie Savage Friend
Stephen Savoy Jr Alumnus/a ’94 Information Systems Management
Hannah Scanlan Alumnus/a ’12 Psychology
Susan Scerba Alumnus/a ’70 Psychology
Lynne Schaefer Staff, Parent
Thomas Schaller Faculty
Elizabeth Scheffers Student Biological Science
Caitlin Scheidegger Alumnus/a, Staff ’14 Management of Aging Services
Johanna Schein Alumnus/a M.A., ’13 History
Linda Schenk Alumnus/a ’94 Visual & Performing Arts
Kate Scherr-Adams Friend
Curtis Schickner Alumnus/a ’12 Economics
Chloe Schiffman
Darian Schiffman
Jacob Schiffman
Jason Schiffman Faculty
Glenn Schmidt Alumnus/a ’09 Psychology
Judith Schneider Faculty, Emeritus/a
Elan Schnitzer Alumnus/a ’06 Political Science
Alexis Scholtes Alumnus/a ’15 Physics
Kenneth Schreihofer Alumnus/a M.S., ’15 Information Systems
Allyson Schuele Alumnus/a, Student ’14, ’18 History
Eric Schuler Alumnus/a ’15 Computer Science
Andrea Schumacher Alumnus/a ’92, M.S., ’04 Sociology, Information Systems
John Schumacher Faculty
James Schwartz Alumnus/a ’71 American Studies
Joseph Schwartz Alumnus/a ’11 Interdisciplinary Studies
Ana Maria Schwartz Caballero Faculty
Eric Scott
James Scott Alumnus/a M.A., ’05, Ph.D.,’12 History, Public Policy
Jordin Scott
Julia Scott Friend
Keith Scott Alumnus/a ’97 Political Science
Mariah Scott Student ’16 Psychology
Rebecca Scott
Sean Scott Friend
William S. Scott, Jr. Staff
Katharine Scrivener Staff
Nate Scroggins Friend
Michelle Seal Parent
Carolyn Seaman Faculty
John Seaman
Will Seaman
Colette Searls Faculty
Carole Seeling Alumnus/a ’84 Psychology
Ray Seeling Alumnus/a ’05 Anthropology
Kara Seidel Student ’18 Psychology
Emma Sellers Alumnus/a ’03, M.A., ’07 English, Instructional Development
Luke Seppi Alumnus/a ’14 Mathematics
Surbhi Seth Alumnus/a ’05 Financial Economics
Allison Seyler Alumnus/a ’10, M.A., ’12 Modern Language & Linguistics, M.A. History
Stephen Sfekas Friend
Ian Shaffer Alumnus/a, Staff ’14 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Beth Shakelton Friend
Sara Shannon Alumnus/a, Staff ’05 Social Work
Xiangrong Shao Parent
David Shapiro Alumnus/a ’76 Economics
Michele Sharpe Parent
Samantha Shatto Student
Katharine Shaver Alumnus/a ’15 Environmental Science
Sidrah Shayiq Alumnus/a ’16 History
Kelly Sheahan Alumnus/a ’12 English
Robert Shearer Student ’18 Physics
Edward Sherman Alumnus/a ’70 Biological Science
Robert Shilkret Friend
Sarah Shin Faculty
Yoon Shin Friend
Kimberley Shinozaki Alumnus/a ’83, M.A., ’90 Modern Languages and Linguistics, Intercultural Communication
Jody Shipka Faculty
Matthew Shirley Student ’17 Biochemistry
Sally Shivnan Alumnus/a. Faculty ’95 English
Asad Shuaib Alumnus/a ’16 Business Technology Administration
Mansi Shukla Alumnus/a ’12 Health Administration & Policy
Mansi Shukla Alumnus/a ’13 Health Adminstration and Policy, Psychology
Puja Shukla Alumnus/a ’15 Health Admnistration and Policy
Puja Shukla ’15
Danish Siddiqui Alumnus/a ’16 Financial Economics
Hamza Siddiqui Former Student
Eric Sieling Alumnus/a ’08 Financial Economics
Aras Silva
Eric Silva ’10 Mechanical Engineering
Leif Silva
Christina Simini Alumnus/a ’11, M.S., ’12 Environmental Science, M.S. Geography & Environmental
Nicole Simke Alumnus/a ’16 Visual Arts
Nicole Simke Alumnus/a ’16 Visual Arts
Greg Simmons Alumnus/a M.P.P., ’04 Public Policy
Morgan Simmons Alumnus/a ’14 Psychology, Education
Simmona Simmons Alumnus/a, Staff ’74 American Studies
Julianne Simpson Staff
Simmi Singh Student ’12 Biological Science
Sarah Sinnokrot Student ’20 Mechanical Engineering
Katie Skipper Friend
Michael Sloan Friend
Vickie Sloan Alumnus/a ’89 Computer Science
Sherry Smalls Alumnus/a ’06 Psychology
Amelia Smith Student ’17
Annalise Smith Friend
Dana Smith Alumnus/a ’02 Information Systems
Diana Smith Staff
Emma Smith
Jazmin Smith Alumnus/a ’14 Visual Arts, Afro-American Studies
Kayla Smith Student ’17 Interdisciplinary Studies
Leslie Smith Alumnus/a ’91 Health Science & Policy
Nia Smith Friend
Nicole Smith Alumnus/a ’02 Mathematics
Orianne Smith Faculty
Pamela Smith Alumnus/a ’94 Mathematics
Robert Smith Friend
Tami Smith Alumnus/a ’81 Health Science & Policy
Zena Smith Friend
Lori Smith-Watson Alumnus/a ’85 Health Science & Policy
Daniel Smyth Alumnus/a ’05, M.P.P, ’07 Political Science, Public Policy
Andrew Snope Faculty
Trudy Snope Friend
Adam Snyder Friend
Gwendolyn Snyder Friend
Kaitlyn Snyder Alumnus/a ’14 Social Work
Natalie Sokoloff Friend
Tracy Soltesz Alumnus/a ’01 Political Science
Bogda Soltys Staff
Jason Song Alumnus/a ’15 Financial Economics
Bhushan Sontakke Student
Nathan Soriano Friend
Alan Sorkin Staff, Emeritus/a
Sylvia Sorkin Friend
Jonathan Sotelo Student Music Education
Brian Souders Alumnus/a Ph.D., ’09 Language, Literacy & Culture
Greg Sowers Friend
Linda Sowers Alumnus/a ’70 American Studies
AJ Spearman Alumnus/a ’16 Exercise Science
Lawrence Spears Friend
Anne Spence Faculty
Imani Spence Alumnus/a ’16 Media and Communication Studies, English
Loyd Spence Friend
David Spencer Alumnus/a ’06 History
Lauren Spencer Alumnus/a ’06 Political Science
Naleshia Spencer Alumnus/a ’07 Psychology
Nolan Spencer Friend
Phyllis Spencer Alumnus/a ’83 Economics
Tyler Spittel Alumnus/a ’15 Visual Arts
Jeanne St. Martin Faculty Economics
Stephanie Stancil Alumnus/a ’88 Health Science & Policy
Brigid Starkey Faculty
James Starr Alumnus/a ’70 History
Uriah Starshine Friend
Michelle Starz-Gaiano Faculty
Larry Stauffer Alumnus/a ’70 History
Anthony Staup Friend
Chris Steele Staff
Georgia Steele Friend
Karen Steele Friend
Lucy Steele Friend
Katelyn Steelwright Alumnus/a, Staff ’09 Psychology
Jackson Stefancik Friend
Kelley Stefancik Alumnus/a ’92 Sociology
Roz Stein Alumnus/a ’92 English
Karl Steiner Faculty
Deborah Stelling-Steiner Friend
Karen Sterling Friend
Michael A. Sterling I Alumnus/a ’85 Sociology
Elka Stevens Friend
Kevin Stevenson Alumnus/a ’84 Political Science
Mariano Sto Domingo Alumnus/a. Faculty Ph.D., ’06 Psychology, Human Services
Laverne Stokes Friend
Kathy Stole-McAllister Staff
John Stolle-McAllister Faculty
Alexandra Stone Friend
Cheryl Stone Alumnus/a ’85 Psychology
Michael Stone Alumnus/a, Staff ’14, M.A., ’16 History
Zachary Stone Friend
Alexander Stoneroad Student ’18 Asian Studies
Maria Stoneroad
Richard Stoneroad
Dawn Stoute Staff
Mark Stoute Parent
Olivia Straub Student
Rosemary Straub Alumnus/a ’78 Political Science
Mary Stuart Faculty
Emilie Stuber Staff
Hongyan Su Student ’16
John “Jack” Suess Alumnus/a, Staff M.S., ’81, ’95 M.S. Operations Analysis, Mathematics
Kathleen Suess Staff
Hamsitha Reddy Sugur Student ’17 Computer Science
Collin Sullivan Student ’19 Information Systems Management
Stacy Sumedi Alumnus/a ’15 Mechanical Engineering
Shuyan Sun Faculty
Sion Sung Friend
Sion Sung
Kathy Sutphin Alumnus/a. Faculty ’95 Political Science
Karen Sutton Alumnus/a M.A., ’97 History
Susanne Sutton Faculty
Mia Swaby-Rowe Friend
Jeremy Swan Alumnus/a ’06 Interdisciplinary Studies
Nicki Swan
Philip Swanson Student ’18 Political Science
Anastasia Swearingen Alumnus/a ’15 History
Liam Swearingen Friend
Shawn Swearingen Friend
Shane Sweeney Friend
Daniel Sym Friend
Laszlo Takacs Faculty
Shorieh Talaat Friend
Lasya Tallapragada Student ’20 Chemistry
Stephanie Tam Student ’18
Elizabeth Tamene Alumnus/a ’10 Biological Science
Sarah Tanenbaum Alumnus/a ’93 Dance
Rahilla Tarfa Alumnus/a ’11 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Darius Taylor Alumnus/a ’92 Modern Languages & Linguistics
Dominic Taylor Friend
Donna Taylor Alumnus/a ’98 Chemistry
Donna Taylor Alumnus/a ’81, Ph.D., ’12 Psyhcology, Ph.D. Language, Literacy, & Culture
Joby Taylor Alumnus/a, Staff ’05 Language, Literacy & Culture
Lori Taylor Alumnus/a ’91 Economics
Tajh Taylor Friend
Tajh Taylor Friend
Thomas Taylor Parent
Darius Taylor II Friend
Joyce Tenney Alumnus/a. Faculty ’79 Ancient Studies
Joseph Thole Friend
Chloe Thomas Student ’18
Karen Thomas Friend
Maceo Thomas Alumnus/a ’93 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Morgan Thomas Alumnus/a, Staff ’13 Political Science
Patricia Thomas Friend
Calla Thompson Faculty
Layla Thompson Staff
Lisa Thompson Alumnus/a ’13 Instructional Systems Design
Andrea Thomson Alumnus/a ’11 Economics, Political Science
Renni Thornton Alumnus/a M.A., ’14 Instructional Development Systems
Diana Thorp Alumnus/a ’95 Psychology
Aidan Throwe Friend
Jeremy Throwe Friend
Evan Tice Alumnus/a ’07 Computer Science
Diane Tichnell Alumnus/a ’70 Political Science
Miriam Tillman Staff
John Titchener Friend
Aysem Tkacik Alumnus/a ’90, M.A., ’95 Information Systems Management
Christopher Tkacik Alumnus/a, Staff ’90 Political Science
Carmel Todd Staff
Stephanie Todd Friend
ali tokay Faculty
Maura Tokay Former Student
Meliha Tokay
Yasemin Tokay
Michael Tomasulo Alumnus/a ’14 English
David Toothe Staff
Emily Toy Alumnus/a ’09, M.S., ’11 Information Systems
Katelyn Toy Alumnus/a ’12, M.S., ’14 Information Systems Management
Anh Tran Friend
Dung Tran Alumnus/a ’12 Education, Teaching
Qui Tran Friend
Bach-Tuyet Tran-Jeffrey Alumnus/a ’79 Biological Science
Rommel Trejo Student ’17 Computer science
Kathryn Troeschel Alumnus/a ’11 Sociology
Latrina Trotman Alumnus/a ’89 Sociology/Social Work
Anthony Trotta Alumnus/a ’77 Political Science
jackie truffer Alumnus/a ’85 Health Science & Policy
Shane Truffer Alumnus/a ’13 Computer Engineering
Arabella Trujillo Friend
Patrick Trujillo Friend
Shivany Trujillo Staff
Cameron Tucker Friend
Vitaliy Turechyko Alumnus/a ’16 Computer Engineering
Andrew Turner Alumnus/a ’80 Economics
Marlon Turner Friend
Marshall Turner Staff
Mosley Turner Friend
Dayna Tyler Friend
Mark Tyler Alumnus/a ’99 History
Noah Tyler Friend
Sophie Tyler Friend
Krizia-Ivana Udquim Alumnus/a ’14 Biological Science, Anthropology
Alex Ullman Student ’19 Public Policy
Brian Usher Friend
Eileen Usher Friend
Joe Usher Student ’17 Financial Economics
Nick Usher Friend
Amond Uwadineke Alumnus/a ’11 Political Science
Russell Valentine Alumnus/a ’91 Afro-American Studies
Audrey Valentino Friend
Catie Valentino Friend
Chris Valentino Alumnus/a ’02, M.S., ’06 Information Systems
Christie Valentino Friend
Laney Valentino Friend
Susan Valett Alumnus/a, Student ’86, ’19 Computer Science
Alexia Van Orden Alumnus/a ’06 History
Sandy Vance Alumnus/a, Staf, Parent ’90 Psychology
Phillip Vannoorbeeck Alumnus/a ’13 Ancient Studies, Theatre
Constantine Vaporis Faculty
Maria Vaporis Parent
Nestor Vasquez Student ’20 Statistics
Prarthana Vasudevan Alumnus/a ’12 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Faraz Vatan Alumnus/a ’16 Biological Science, Mathematics
Saishouri Vedati Student ’16 Biological Science
Marsha Velli Staff
Karen Verdon Friend
Rebecca Vest Student ’17 Visual Arts
Steve Via Friend
Vineet Vijaykumar Friend
Yesika Villalpando Friend
Irina Vishnevetsky Alumnus/a ’99 Psychology
Gregory Vishnevetsky Friend
Sasha Vishnevetsky Friend
Clolita Vitale Alumnus/a ’75 Theatre
Frank Vitale Friend
Thu Vo Friend
Alexandria Volkening Alumnus/a ’11 Mathematics
Sergio Von Horoch Friend
Janine Vreatt Friend
Nani Wachhaus Student ’19 English
Jennifer Wachtel Alumnus/a ’15 History
Vicki Wade Staff
William Wade Alumnus/a ’72 Economics
Cynthia Wagner Faculty
Sandra Waithaka Student ’17 Political Science, Global Studies
Brady Walker Alumnus/a ’08 Political Science
Carol Walker Friend
Devin Walker Alumnus/a ’89 Political Science
Cameron Wallkup Student ’20 Environmental Studies
Alex Walpole Friend
Bethany Walter Staff
Bruce Walz Faculty
Chengya Wang Friend
Cheri Wang Friend
Stanley Wang Student ’17 Biochemistry, HAPP, INDS
Ashley Ward Staff
Kimberly Ward Alumnus/a ’88 History
Levone Ward Alumnus/a ’89 Mechanical Engineering
Robert Wardlow Alumnus/a, Staff ’12 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Harry Warfield Alumnus/a ’76 Chemistry
Link Warfield Alumnus/a ’76 Chemistry
Chris Warman Friend
Alliana Warner Student ’19 Mechanical Engineering
Brooke Washington Alumnus/a ’16 Computer Science
Nico Washington Staff
Trina Washington Alumnus/a ’94 Visual and Performing Arts, Music
Leslie Waters Staff
Thomas Waters Jr. Friend
Crystal Watkins Johansson Alumnus/a ’95 Biological Science
George Watson Alumnus/a ’02 Computer Science
Gwyn Watson Friend
Ian Watson Friend
Lynn Watson Faculty
Annica Wayman Alumnus/a ’99 Mechanical Engineering
Brian Wayman Alumnus/a ’99 Mechanical Engineering
Donavan Wayman Friend
Sean Wayman Friend
Trent Wayman Friend
Aaron Webb
Christian Webb
Sean Webb
Beverly Weber Alumnus/a ’07 Mathematics
Jeremy Weber Alumnus/a ’04, M.S., ’15 Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering Cert.
Jordan Weddington Alumnus/a ’15 History
Michael Weinrich Friend
Daniel Weir Friend
Katie Weir Staff
Matthew Weisman Alumnus/a ’15 Biological Science
Katherine Weiss Student ’19 Biological Science
Beth Wells Alumnus/a, Staff ’74 Psychology
Trisha Wells Staff
Mary Welsh Friend
Karen Wensch Staff, Emeritus/a
Terri Werner Staff
Victor Wexler Friend
Dale Whalen Staff, Emeritus/a
Abby Wheatley Friend
Joel Wheatley Alumnus/a ’12 Mathematics
Nora Wheatley Friend
Pete Wheatley Friend
Shawn Wheatley Alumnusa/a ’99 Computer Science
Maryrose Whelley Alumnus/a ’72 English
Brian Whippo Alumnus/a ’09 Financial Economics
Monica Whippo Alumnus/a ’09 History
Eddie Whitaker Friend
Tamara Whitaker Alumnus/a ’89 Economics
Brenda White Alumnus/a ’79 Economics
Jane White Alumnus/a ’84 Biological Science
Jordan White Alumnus/a. Faculty ’11 Mathematics
Kendyl White Alumnus/a ’15 Psychology
Louise White Friend
Tom White Friend
Abigail Whitener Friend
Audrey Whitener Friend
Brian Whitener Alumnus/a ’02 Computer Engineering
Jessica Whitener Friend
Paula Whittington Alumnus/a ’01 Biological Science
Evangeline Wiggins Friend
James Wiggins Alumnus/a ’75 Political Science
Sherrie Wilcox Alumnus/a ’05 Psychology
Larry Wilder Alumnus/a ’70 Biological Science
Jordan Wiley Friend
Katarzyna Wiley Wiley
Tonya Wiley-Robinson Friend
Joshua Wilhide Alumnus/a, Staff M.S., ’10 Chemistry
Anita Wilkins Alumnus/a ’79 Sociology
Bryan Wilkinson Alumnus/a, Staff, Student ’09, ’16 Computer Science
Kevin Wilkinson Student
Anna Williams Alumnus/a ’78 Social Work
Charlie Williams Friend
Denise Williams Alumnus/a ’01, M.S. ’04 Instructional Systems Design
Elizabeth Williams Friend
Heather Williams Friend
Jessica Williams Staff
Kevin Williams Student ’16 Sociology
Linda Williams Alumnus/a ’82 Psychology
Marcia Williams Alumnus/a ’79 Afro-American Studies
Robert Williams Friend
Talithia Williams Friend
Theron Williams Friend
Tory Williams Alumnus/a. Faculty Ph.D., ’13 Biological Science
Jessica Willis Student ’17 Modern Languages and Linguistics
Alicia Wilson Alumnus/a ‘04 Political Science
Colin Wilson Alumnus/a ’05 Financial Economics
Courtney Wilson Friend
Heather Wilson Alumnus/a ’08 Psychology
Jackie Wilson Staff
Leslie Wilson Alumnus/a ’74, M.A., ’76 Psychology
Lindsay Wilson Alumnus/a ’14 Environmental Science
Morris Wilson Alumnus/a ’81 English
Renlyn Wilson Student ’18
Stephen Wilson Friend
Lawrence Wilt Alumnus/a. Faculty ’13 Teach English to Speakers other Language
Pamela Wilt Friend
Miriam Winder-Kelly Friend
Cheyenne Windon Friend
Dinah Winnick Staff
Debra Winslow Alumnus/a ’89 Economics
Amanda Winters Alumnus/a ’11 Media & Communication Studies
Linda Wiratan Student ’19 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Mike Withers Friend
Gary Wohlstetter Staff
Collin Wojciechowski Alumnus/a ’13 Political Science
Ted Wojtysiak Friend
Jeremy Wolfberg Friend
James Wolfe Alumnus/a ’80 Biological Science
Dusten Wolff Alumnus/a, Staff ’13 Visual Arts
Tyra Womack Alumnus/a ’84 English
Joseph Wong Alumnus/a ’14 Information Systems
Theresa Wong-Hollander Friend
Megan Wood Alumnus/a ’12 Environmental Science
Rahsaan Wood Student ’16 Political Science
Tracy Wood Student ’19
Karen Woodard Alumnus/a ’90 English
Charles Woodcock Friend
Cynthia Woodcock Staff
Barbara Woolbright Friend
Jamila Woolbright Friend
Charles Woolston Staff, Emeritus/a
Bonnie Woolston Friend
Andrea Wozniak Student ’18 Animation
Bernadette Wright Alumnus/a ’92, M.P.R., ’97, Ph.D., ’02 Sociology, Policy Sciences
Brandon Wright Alumnus/a ’12 Media & Communication studies
Ken Wright Parent
Mark Wright Alumnus/a ’90 Psychology
Melody Wright Staff
Michael Wright Alumnus/a ’95 Psychology
Patricia Wright Alumnus/a ’87 Economics
Henry Wu Student ’17
Jessica Wyatt Staff
Darryl Wyles Alumnus/a ’95 Interdisciplinary Studies
Peng Xu Faculty Chemical engineering
Daniel Yablochnikov Alumnus/a, Staff ’11 Financial Economics
Fan Yang Faculty
Kevin Yang Alumnus/a ’07 Computer Science, Financial Economics
Carrie Yang-Johnson Alumnus/a ’92 Psychology
Scout Yardumian-Grubb Alumnus/a ’13 Ancient Studies, English
Alec Yeo Alumnus/a ’93 Psychology
Karim Yergaliyev Alumnus/a ’09 Business Technology Administration
Zach Yerkie Alumnus/a ’13 Emergency Health Services
Gary Yerkins Friend
Scott Yokum Friend
John Yoon Alumnus/a ’15 Information Systems Management
Kyung-Eun Yoon Faculty
Airi Yoshioka Faculty
Alex Young Friend
Nancy Young Staff
Shin-Yee Yu Alumnus/a ’13 Political Science
Valerie Yu Student ’17
Leonid Yurganov Faculty
Aaron Zaccaria Friend
Jasmine Zacharias Staff
William Zaruba Alumnus/a ’73, ’05 Ancient Studies, History
Joseph Zelenak Student ’17 English
Steve Zelenak Parent
Kathleen Zerrlaut Staff
Michael Zollicoffer Alumnus/a ’80 Biological Science
Elizabeth Zoltan Friend
Adil Zuber Student ’20 Chemical Engineering
Ryan Zuber Alumnus/a, Staff ’04 Visual Arts
Michael Zurkowski Alumnus/a ’14 Interdisciplinary Studies, Education
Jay Zwirblis Friend